Tuesdays of Texture… My first post!

I had a message from the organizer of “Tuesdays of texture” and the told me I had all week to post my blog onto her blog with my Texture.. yay!!

So I went to have another look at her blog and “she” is Narami,from Puerto Rico.. OK I’m excited I know nothing at all about that country I might learn something new.. her profile says this:


Puerto Rico

I carry the feel of sand under my feet and the breeze of the mountains in my face.

So I went out my back door looking for “Texture” even though technically it’s Wednesday in Australia.. but oh well let’s start!!


So hands up, anyone know what this is?

It’s a brick and some mortar in my kitchen wall! It kind of looks like a Chocolate chip cookie!

Now I’m off to the beach this weekend, think about the texture I can find there!


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