NaBloPoMo December is …Joy… day two..


Tuesday, December 2, 2014- Talk about a surprise that made you happy.

Oh now this is an easy one.. April 2013, My daughter Amber announced she was pregnant, oh well, maybe announced is not the right way to say it. She was sick, deathly sick, vomiting and green with illness, and I jokingly suggested “You’re not pregnant are you?” at that, the color drained out of her face and she whispered “I don’t know” so we did a test and I was more excited than she was.

We were away at our holiday place when she found out, so we texted people to let them know and the following week we went to the Doctor and had it confirmed. Just as soon as we were overcoming that shock, my eldest daughter came in one day and had a band aide on her arm and was crying (She hates needles of any description) I immediately did the worried Mother thing “Oh my Goodness, are you OK? what are they testing for?” the more I babbled the more she cried and then it struck me. I let her sit down and then I sat in front of her and asked “Are you pregnant?”  which only made her cry harder, she had to have blood tests done and was waiting for confirmation.

Then the fun begin, Ultrasounds, Blood tests, Glucose Tolerance tests, Ante natal appointment,s Blood Pressure, weight gain, for daughter number one pulled stomach muscles, bad back and breach baby. And I was with them each step of the way.

Daughter number two had grandchild number one on 21st November 2013, and true to form Daughter number one had grandchild number two TWO WEEKS to the day, later.. on 5th December 2013. I am very blessed that I am close to my girls and have been able to share so much of this time with them. Being at  the births of both my grandchildren a natural and a c-section has been an amazing experience, that I was so blessed to be able to share.

People have said that it’s a shock and wasn’t it a terrible thing, two daughters, both with no partner and UN married Mothers, I say as I always have “God DOES NOT make mistakes” and these two have sure been blessings and lessons for us all.


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