Weightloss Wednesday!

weightloss wednesdays


I have decided to do certain posts for certain days, due to some challenges I joined, but I had nothing for Wednesdays, so it’s now officially “Weight-loss Wednesday” Wednesday known locally as “hump day” because it’s the middle of the week… from here on in you’re aiming for the weekend. It’s also a good time to re asses how my eating is going so I know whether or not to have a 10 % day or not. ( a 10% day is when you eat 90% good and have a naughty snack or whatever)

This week marks three weeks of Detox for “The Daniel Plan” and to be perfectly honest I do not miss that which I have cut out. I have the odd days when I wish I had a piece of bread (it’s gone due to Glutens) I am REALLY surprised that I do not miss coffee (that’s been gone for 23 days) because I used to drink a lot, and I am sure come winter when we are at football games on Sunday mornings with Star Son and I am passing up that creamy cappuccino I might miss it more. But right now I am not, and the sugar was easier to lose than I expected, I really thought I would struggle with that but apparently I am not.

Finally I am at that stage where I have more energy, which I did not think would arrive. Days 2,3,4 were horrendous with headaches and being so tired, I felt like I had run a marathon just getting Star Son off to school, That first week I was told to be prepared to rest more due to detox and it’s effects, and boy I am so glad I took that advice, my family have been supportive and worked around me that first week to let me have my “Nanna naps” and go to bed early.

Week two came the mood swings, one minute I was fine then I was a blubbering mess and then I was a screaming demon, yelling at the stupidest of things, at that time, I took myself off to my journal and prayed for guidance was I finally “losing the plot? or was this all part of it?” the message I got was “go to the group!” and so off to the Daniel Plan Support group I joined on facebook and I poured it all out to them and thankfully everyone there is SUPPORTIVE! I have found that since I started this walk with the Lord, I am wrapped in support when I ask for help or guidance they are quick to reach out and tell me “go here, go there, try this or that.” This group is amazing and most are ahead of me so they have lived this life, and were very speedy to re-assure me “it’s all part of the detox, rest more, drink more water” and the most important advice was “Take some vitamins!” I got Vitamin B complex and a Multi vitamin with Minerals and I have not looked back! I explained to my family about detox and apologized for my outbursts and weird behavior and asked them to be patient with me as I went through this stage. Like I said they are very supportive and understand it’s not really me it’s the detox yelling.

Now I am into week three. I have been gardening half an hour each day, and so there are muscles appearing. In week two I asked the Group, “When should I see the scales move? or should I focus on the tape measure results?” and they were quick to tell me “It’s not ALL about weight, it’s about God and his love and being fit for him, and about eating more healthily, including more fresh and less packaged foods” so I shut up and kept on going.. But let me show you my results because even though it’s NOT all about the weight, I can not help but be aware of it and be proud of it. I don’t personally know anyone who has gone cold turkey and given up everything at once, so I am fumbling my way through it all.

Saturday 8th November 2012

Weight– 75 kilos (165.3 pounds)

Chest- 43 inches (109cms)

Waist– 39 in (99cms)

Tummy– 42 in (107cms)

Hips- 42 in (107 cms)

Thigh- 20.5 in (52 cms)

Arm- 13 in (33 cms)


I started my Detox on Monday 10th November.


Monday 24th November- 2012

Weight– 72 kilos (158.7 pounds)

Chest- 42 inches (107 cms)

Waist– 38 in (97 cms)

Tummy– 42 in (107cms)

Hips- 41 in (104 cms)

Thigh- 19.5 in (48.5 cms)

Arm- 12 in (30.5 cms)   So that made me Minus 2 Kilos (6.6 pounds) and minus five inches over all.

At this stage I was over the moon!! It’s working!!


Monday 02nd December 2014

Weight– 71 kilos (156.5 pounds)

Chest- 42 inches (107 cms)

Waist– 36 in (91.5 cms)

Tummy– 40.5 in (102.5 cms)

Hips- 41 in (104 cms)

Thigh- 19 in (48.5 cms)

Arm- 12 in (30.5 cms) So in that week I lost one kilo and 4.5 inches all over.

So overall goal.. I am down 4 kilos  (8.8 pounds) and 9.5 inches.

I am very proud of my efforts and I believe so is God, for doing this in his name, in his Glory.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.Philippians 4:13 (WEB)




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