A Fireworks moment

Reannon has a really good point in her latest blog, I can uninstall stuff on my phone too, like the FB app and the messenger app. At home I don’t use them as much as when I am away because I like to keep in contact with my gorls and the Grand babies.
My routine is 40 minutes from 7:00- 7:40am on my Bible studies and general bible readings we call this “Good Morning God” time, usually my Bloke will bring me a cup of chinese tea in there somewhere.
7:40-8:00am- emails, FB and online games
8:00-8:30 am- breakfast with the boys, one goes to school and squishy get into his morning routine.
Then its house work and whatever needs doing, sometimes letter and sometimes going for a walk.
2:30-3:30pm internet time. FB, Pintrest, whatever else is happening.
Starson comes home and then its after school routine. dinner and the likes.
7:30:9:30pm, family time but yes I check FB and I do my blog in between other stuff, sometiems theres a half hour gardening session thrown in as well.
9:30-10:30pm reading, my nighttime bible readings and setting up my bible studies for the morning and nightly catchup in my journal.
I could definately give up some of my internet time.


I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “It was a light bulb moment” or “I just had a a-ha moment”. Well Monday morning I had a fireworks moment thanks to my friend Hayley. She had come over for morning tea, & we were chatting about stuff, when she told me she had deactivated her Facebook account & why. I agreed with her about many of the reasons- social media taking over our days, checking your phone all day long, not engaging properly with our kids- but one really stood out & triggered the fireworks moment I’ve been having ever since. She said that when a bunch of us got together last week for lunch, not one of us had asked her about some pretty major events that had just gone on in her life, & at first she was upset, but then she realised that the reason none of us…

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