The Year of New Recipes

Reannon’s back with another challenge.. as much as I would love to try her “once a week new recipe” regime I fear I’ll set myself up for failure.. I have very boring eaters in my family… so I am going to do “Once a fortnight recipe” like Reannon, I have a Gazillion recipe books and blogs and Pinterest boards, so I won’t struggle for inspiration, what I will struggle for is sanity, when I am the only one eating what I have cooked!! I will invite them to help me chose something they would like to try and if they don’t want to, then bad luck!!
But you know what? I am taking back the control of my kitchen!! I am Mother hear me roar!!!

015I’m not a new year resolution kind of gal. I like to think that if I want to make changes to my life I can do those at any time, I don’t need it to be January 1st. I do, however, like a challenge. I’ve done my salad challenge. I’m hoping to do Fat Mum Slim’s Summer photo list/challenge over the holidays. I’m joining in with Pip’s reading challenge ( you might have seen the badge/button on my sidebar promoting this too). These aren’t competitions, they are purely for fun & to  enhance your days. I like that sort of thing, so I’m setting up my own challenge that will go the whole year. It’s The Year of New Recipes challenge.

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