NaBloPoMo – December is Joy..filled…


Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Do you think you maintain a good balance of making yourself happy while making other people happy?

What a great question, if you are a Mum out there I can almost hear you screaming “NOOOO!!!” that was my immediate first thought but then I remembered, there was a time not too long ago, that I had a nice balance.

From 7.00 am till 8.30 am I was ALL Wife and Mum, getting the Star Son off to school, knowing he’d had a breakfast, cut lunch, hair combed, homework packed and was clean and tidy. that was “mum time”

From 8;30 am- 3;30 pm was “Me time” in Me time, I would race around like a crazy lady and get the house work done, do some laundry, write some letters, sweep the floors, maybe wash them as well, quite often not on the same day (my poor back! all the floors are wooden in my house) plan what was on the menu for dinner and then if I still had time I would escape down to the studio. In the Studio is where the real “Me time” starts. That is where my Joy starts, my Studio is my joy filled place! Let me tell you about my studio… in my studio (the spare bedroom- it was damaged by flooding water one year so we had to rip up the smelly old carpet and there is bare concrete, and the walls were yuck so we painted them!) in the Studio “there are no colour rules” what ever colours want to come plan in my studio they are all welcome. So one wall is purple, one wall is yellow and one wall is spring green, the windowsill is yellow and the book shelves are hot pink.. all colours are welcome. The back wall is all wardrobe, which is storage and we took off the doors and never replace those who needs doors?! So we have lovely long flowy lace curtains, it reminds me of a wedding dress exploded.

In my Studio I have sections for different things, there is a bookshelf for patchwork and pattern books, another bookshelf for serious art books, a stand with all my paint brushes and so on and so forth, basically I have little stations for separate needs. You know how it goes. I also have a yellow bookshelf which has all my Native American Spiritual stuff held safely, my hand-made drum, made from deer skin and my hand carved (was a gift) Native American flute and my rattles and all kinds of things. And my walls are covered with Art I did, my favourite pieces dating back to 2008 when I started being serious and studied with a pastels teacher.

When I need to recharge my batteries there is my Art Studio, my joy filled art space, all mine.

From 3;30 pm- 7;00 pm then I switched back into the “Mummy Mode” unless “Star Son” has a friend over, I am it, we will talk about his day while I make the food and while he eats it and then discuss his homework and then he might go out to hang with friends. So from 4.30 pm I’ll have an extra hour of “Me time” thrown in, I might get some back ground painted, or clean up from something arty I’d already done.

5;30 pm- 7;00 pm– I’m in “Mummy Mode” preparing dinner, ordering “Star Son’ to feed the animals, setting the table and welcoming home the Lord of the Manor, AKA The Bloke. All the while creating something totally yummy for dinner, which most nights, someone has something to complain about. Then it’s dishes and kitchen cleaning time, worrying about tomorrow’s school lunches if we have no already pre-made them. By 7;00 pm showers are usually done and The Bloke takes over for homework duties, which means I am free…

7;00 pm- 10;00 pm I am free.. depending on what I do I might race to the studio or sit in front of the TV and write some pen pal letters.. sounds great doesn’t it? After 10;00 pm it’s shower and bedtime, biblical reading and journal catch up and sleep by 11.00 pm… That USED to be my life.. and then.. something amazing, something so JoyFILLED happened that everything as we previously knew it flew out the window… so NO MORE ME TIME!!

I became a Grand Ma in November 2013 and then again in December 2013, just two weeks later! Two incredibly special little people joined our family. I suddenly found less time to go to the studio, because somehow I could not take my eyes of these amazing little people. The eldest little girl “SweetPea” lived with us for the first 6 months of her life, and I had her full-time for about 10 weeks while her Mum went to work. That was when I started doing “Snail mail art” because I felt like surely I could manage to decorate en envelope while she slept beside me? but even that got too hard and so I took to just staring at this amazing perfect child. Then the second one, the boy child “Squishy” would come to visit and I’d be like watching a ping-pong game, my eyes constantly flickering back and forth watching these amazing babies. When at 6 months old Sweet pea and her Mum moved out, I thought “Yay! Art studio here I come!” but I fell into a silent house, it was so empty it echoed, and it was spooky, no baby sounds, no background TV, no nursery rhymes, I did not cope very well, so I started cleaning. I spent a full 4 weeks scrubbing everything until the Bloke said “Enough!! go to the studio!”

But my heart wasn’t in it the same way. then daughter number one moved in with “Squishy” and the noise was back, the chaos was back and she went back to work full-time and I was full-time Grandma, and he was mobile and wanting attention and so now there is definitely NO TIME FOR ME.

In the recent weeks my Bloke has said “go out and do something” so my cousin and I have been to a few day art classes on Zentangling which I have been loving, I miss my studio, I miss the time down there.. but when I go down there now, it feels empty and I don’t know how to get back that loving feeling. I am hoping that in January when “Squishy” and his Mum move into their place and I am watching him only while Mum is at work, I will have time to return to my Studio. I miss my art, I miss that getting lost in my creations that I look up and suddenly realise that it’s 3;00pm and I forgot to eat lunch, but hey! Look what I painted!!

My Studio is definitely my Joy FILLED place!!

So to answer the original question… (sorry I got a bit lost!)

Do you think you maintain a good balance of making yourself happy while making other people happy?

Today the answer is a resounding NOOOOO!!! I put everyone else first, and whatever time is left, I write this blog and then work in my garden and then I might have “me time” but not a good balance.. this might change in January, check back with me then!

Chase and Simon the Scarecrow

Squishy and Simon the Scarecrow, In Grandma’s Studio


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