Green Thumb Thursday…

Greenthumb Thursdays


Remember all those challenges… well this isn’t one.. this is my own one.. how original.. but since I am attempting to grow food in my garden to eat cleanly as part of my Daniel Plan it all ties in nicely.. Green thumb Thursday flows after Weight-loss Wednesday..

So this week in the garden I am delighted to announce..

  • I have baby strawberries.. count is up to four.
  • Finally got something happening on the tomato front. I was worried because I gave a tomato plant to my cousin and hers is double the size of mine
  • Purple capsicum.. there were four.. but stupid “Green thumb wanna be” touched it to show my Bloke and it broke off wahhhh… only three purple capsicum now!
  • I’ve extended my garden bed digging and have made over the area around the garden pond, “Prickly Place” where the succulents live.
  • Removed an old rose-bush.
  • Pruned and wedded a new section of garden and laid down sugar cane mulch
  • Garden beds laying empty are awaiting something… maybe some herbs, where they are they can’t take over anything so it would be OK for herbs.

So that is this week’s update on Green Thumb Thursday. I am so glad I was up and in the garden at 5.45 am on Saturday morning when I couldn’t sleep. I spent some lovely quality time chatting to the Lord about the purpose of snails.. and as I sprinkled salt on those that were happily eating my Zucchini, I am not sure I got an answer from the Lord about why I should “not” kill the snails.. so now I’ve laid down pallets. I got some quality digging down, weeding done and pruning, I was up “Before the birds” literally because the Magpie told me off for disturbing him, so I threw him a salted snail!

wpid-imag2938.jpg and here is me after that gardening session, before my shower.. it was raining!



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