NaBloPoMo December.. Joy…in the little things..


It’s getting towards the busy end of the year.. Star Son has finished school for the year, he probably has to attend one more day next week to collect his school report and then Good Bye Year 7.. has this year been the fastest or what?


Term 1: 28 January (school teachers start) to 4 April *

Term 2: 22 April to 27 June**

Term 3: 14 July to 19 September

Term 4: 6 October to 19 December

* The first day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate planning to take place for the arrival of students.

So he is home, and it’s noisy and then there’s the Grand baby and then the other one visits and so Grandmas starting to be a bit “over it all” so tonight I escaped to the garden and I collected a pile of weeds and pulled some more out and enjoyed the peace and quiet until…. out came “Star Son” he just had to play basketball right now, so I narrowly missed wearing the ball in my head a few times until I snapped..

“Loose the ball or I’ll stab it!”

His 12 yr old response was “Sheesh Mum take a chill pill” to which I replied “I was until YOU came out here!”

I need a holiday, and this time next week we will be away camping… some where, anywhere I don’t care, but its gotta be out of MY HOUSE!!

I’ve started planning what to take.. I won’t need my bible studies materials because Advent Study and my Bible Study with Good Morning Girls will both be finishing Friday, but I will take my bible and another bible study by Sharon Jaynes called “The Power of a Woman’s word” I brought the book and study guide. You can learn more about Sharon here:

I will also take my art supplies and of course my every day journal and my Art Journal.

And most importantly my Snail Mail which is very overdue, when we go away camping, I have plenty of time and energy to sit and write so I’ll be able to end the year on a good note.

Sometimes it’s the “Little things” that give me joy.. handwriting a letter with only the birds and nature as a back drop, being able to put what I see in front of me into words for whoever I am sending the letter to. Adding a postcard or a tourist brochure. Sitting there in the quiet and reading my book, or sometimes I will just sit there and stare at the clouds or the trees and not do anything but think or talk into my head to God about what a lovely place he’s made.


13 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo December.. Joy…in the little things..

  1. Kim – we have so much in common – 🙂 – and well, I hope your upcoming holiday time is refreshing (I am sure it will be).
    and my front garden plot – which was actually my first place to drop some glads – well it is also near the basketball hoop – which does not get used much these days – but when it used to – well after losing so many plants – I just declared it had to be a sports friendly garden because of its location – but I still asked (insisted and heavily reminded – lol) them to step on the stones when retrieving a lost ball – and not crush the plants. lol

      • yeah and for some things what has helped me was remembering “they listen now but they HEAR us later” – and so I really remember that is the teen years – with bodies maturing, brains still developing – and testosterone surging – so it kind helps me to have some extra grace – and the good lord’s wisdom – ha!

      • well my pleasure – and that is why we need each other – to remind us of stuff even though we know it and like you – obviously lived out and used it. and just this week I read an old book about “delivery style” – and so funny to use it those tactics when he was being obstinate this week – I said, ” I disagree with you completely, but I really like how you worded your side and I also love your communication skills, so thanks for explaining your take on it -” yadda – but so funny to grab that ol’ book and get the tip I needed (not finn,y just a God thing) have a great day!

    • Thank you I will!! My husband started this little tradition one year he had made a NYE resolution to do 4 camping trips that year and we were one short, so between him and Star sin finishing school and Christmas Eve we went away camping, now we feel like its a tradition that none of us want to miss out on. The Boys shake off their school and work year and I get to unwind after all the christmas preparations before the actual day!

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