Are we there yet? where to this week?


This is a weekly challenge I do with Amanda, over at her blog the link is above, go and visit her, I have always wanted to go to Africa and when I was pregnant with Star Son who is now almost 13 I started reading “Wilbur Smith” and a lot of his books are set in Africa, and of course my other favorite author now sadly passed was Bryce Courtney whose most famous book was “The Power of One” also set in Africa. So I want to go to Africa one day.

So playing along with Amanda who asks “Are we there yet?” I thought I’d bring you all over to my home town and so I started taking pics of some signs, I realized that Sunbury likes to stack their signs, a lot of signs on one post!! Have a look and see what I mean….

You can find out more about Sunbury’s history here:ย,_Victoria

So welcome to my town and feel free to drop by I’ll put the kettle on!

11 thoughts on “Are we there yet? where to this week?

  1. I never desired to go to Africa until I read Jodi Picoult’s novel called Leaving Time earlier in the month. Now I want to go. I always wanted to go to Australia. My son surprised me by including me in his Australian vacation in 2009 so I’ve done that but now I want to go back and see some more. We saw a lot (Melbourne, Cairnes, Sydney) but there’s so much more to see. Perhaps one day I can come back.

    • well I am so glad to see Melbourne was on your list, my capital city of our state I am about 40 minutes drive from Melbourne, Cairns is my favorite!! and I don’t mind Sydney but its too expensive to live there.
      Come on back and we will hang out!

      • We both enjoyed Melbourne but didn’t have much time there as we stayed for just a couple of days then took a day to drive to Port Phillip to view the Twelve Apostles. We spent the night and took the next day slowly back to Melbourne. Then we had a day and a half left in Melbourne before moving on to Cairnes. Not a bad place to move on to. I would gladly come to any place in Australia again, even taking in the loonnngggg airplane trip!

      • ohh but the loooong plane trips are part of the fun, when I came to America I did overnight to LAX and then right onto another plane to Chicago and then one more to first ever trip, all alone, loved it!

  2. And in the South, after drinking your tea, we would say, “Ya’ll come back now, you hear? ” What a great challenge!

    • You should join us, I personally would love to see more of the South. My number one daughter and I started planning a trip to the Southern states for my big 50 but its going to be such a huge trip, I really need to win lottery!!

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