I’m excited.. had to share.. even though..

It’s NOT green thumb Thursday..

Guess what I just brought?!

I’ll show you!

More vegetables and a FRUIT!! Dutch carrots, Sweet Potato (never even though to grow any kind of potato) and I went to buy Mint and herbs to create a wild place in the corner behind the pond where no one goes… I was going to let herbs run wild there but only got mint and then I found.. ROCK MELON!! my Star son loves Rock Melon!! not me so much but hey smoothies could be good!

Then I went out to the back yard and happened to spy “Bella” she is a Totem Ballerina Apple tree, which simple means she is tall and thin for smaller gardens and she has babies!! LOOK!

So I apologise to anyone who is not enjoying my Gardening tales.. I’ll be back later to post something else but I was “excited” is that the same as “joy”?

Excitement (ɪkˈsaɪtmənt)

n- 1. the state of being excited

2. a person or thing that excites; stimulation or thrill
joy (dʒɔɪ)

n- 1. a deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment

2. something causing such a feeling; a source of happiness
3. an outward show of pleasure or delight; rejoicing
4. Brit success; satisfaction: I went to the bank for a loan, but got no joy.
vb- 5. (intr) to feel joy

6. (tr) to make joyful; gladden
[C13: from Old French joie, from Latin gaudium joy, from gaudēre to be glad]
Alright..not the same but let me say I feel “Joy Filled” at the excitement of these new plants, tonight I will plant them in the cool of the evening!

5 thoughts on “I’m excited.. had to share.. even though..

  1. I had to go look up “rock melon”! Cantaloupe! Love them. I’m glad you found some fun things to grow. I have a black thumb. Everything dies. Even my mint but that’s because of the weather. We are too cold here in the winter so everything ices over and it dies. I think I am doomed to never being able to grow a single thing.

      • I’m in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Our winters have been particularly cold for the past three years, colder than normal. I was able to grow the mint fine until three winters ago. It froze and never came back. I got more and it grew fine until winter and it froze again. I even tried a third time. No luck. Global warming maybe!

      • yes that’s what they “scientists and stuff” are saying about all the weather patterns, apparently we are supposed to have a long hot summer… well its rained a lot so far!

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