Tuesdays of Texture… (Late) Any guesses?

tuesdays oftexture



I am late this week, I apologise, I got a new Iphone 5s and some how the app on that is different from the android one, and I am such a hopeless tech person, I just couldn’t figure out how to load photos from my phone to the WP app, never mind I figured it out somehow..

I took this one today… Guess what it might be….




9 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture… (Late) Any guesses?

  1. Brilliant one Kim !!! I had to enlarge it to guess.initially I thought it was cake ( food always in my mind) but now I think it might be a piece of rotten wood ??

  2. I’m gonna say: the trunk of a tree. But only because I want to guess something and it’s the only thing that can vary enough to look like anything. I’m shooting for a 30% chance of guessing it by mere luck. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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