Welcome to my Library…


New for 2015..

Book Club- Welcome to my library.

I am a crazy mad reader, and sometimes I have more than one book at a time. I try not to though because I don’t think you put enough effort into two books as you do reading one.. but hey it’s me.

In 2007 I joined a challenge on “43 things” website I believe it’s now closed down to adding things but you can still read the site. Anyways a group of us decided to “Read a Million Pages” the rules were simple. You could only use BOOKS you’d read not magazines, comics or anything other than a BOOK. So we started documenting, some did it monthly and some did it daily. I found for me monthly was good. I set up an excel spread sheet to track it all

Date-                           Title                   Author        Number of pages    Rating out of 10      Where to?

12/12/2014- 14/12/2014 …  The Cat in the Hat….  Dr Suess..      43… 7… Keeping for Sons book collection

At the end of each month I would total all the pages up and add those to a little comment box, and keep  running tally for the year. Then I can see which months have been good reading months, usually January (Summer break), July and August  (Winter- cold and raining)  Well this year I have been a bit  slack with my book-keeping but I have just updated it and I am well below average, too late now to worry about it. I am getting this all set up for 2015.

In 2015 I am taking part in a reading challenge called “2015- A year of Australian Writing” the rules are we must read anything as long as it’s by an Aussie Author! Find out more information here :http://meetmeatmikes.com/2015-a-year-of-australian-writing/


So I knew I had one or two “Aussie” books in my bookshelf, one or two Bryce Courtney, but then I had a look and look what I found!!


I found eleven!!

I had said to my husband when I signed up, if I can find one book a month to read that is Australian I’ll be happy, I’ve already done that because there is one more than is not pictured which makes 12, PLUS That was only one book shelf I went through, I have four more to go through and one down at our holiday place!! I was thinking Id go to the charity shops and buy some ha ha! No Need!! I guess I should probably clarify the Colleen McCullough books she was born in Australia but now lives in Norfolk Island… I’ll double-check that I can use her. We also have a “good reads” group where we have started a library of books we are planning to read.

So this is one part of the “Bookclub” postings I’ll be doing, the other part is of course my Biblical reading, I can’t stop that to do this so it’ll be along side this one. Still I’ve read a few really good books this year and I’ll be happy to share those with anyone who wants to read them. I have also been gifted a “E Book”, I have never read one before but the deal was we would be given the book and read it and write a review that the author will publish on her blog and on Amazon (I think or maybe not) So if you are at all interested in reading, please check back often and as I read them I’ll review them and update my excel spread sheet so you can follow along.

My first post for 2015 will be on the E Book and I’ll do a review and I’ll let you know my starting number for my “Read a Million Pages Challenge

Feel free to jump in at anytime with book suggestions, or comments or anything related to books. I love to know what everyone is reading, my tastes are eclectic like everything else on my blog, one never knows what one might find next!

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