Daily Press.. Final Trio.

For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.


I am doing a new challenge for 2015 it’s called “The Year of reading Australian” you can read anything but it’s got to be written by an Aussie author, so I knew I had a few books in my Bookshelf just awaiting my hands to pick them up. I figured if I could find just six books I’d do it every second month, maybe if I was lucky I’d find twelve books one a month, maybe I’d need to do to the charity shops and pick up a few but it’s for a good cause I reminded myself.

Our house is full of book shelves, there’s the floor to ceiling one in what used to be the study, and my husband hand-built that in, it’s never coming out. then there’s a  D-I-Y one upstairs in our bedroom, that we brought from some chain store and put together ourselves, there’s a bit in the back where he screwed the screw in too tight and it’s cracked, but I insisted “it didn’t matter because it’s at the back who will see the crack?” I asked, he still doesn’t like that bookshelf so when it was full we moved it out of sight and he hand-built another one to match the one in the study, because he could and I needed it. I didn’t really need it probably, the more space I have the more books I keep buying, I need to stop buying books.

As we were working on these bookshelves, haha I mean as HE was working on these bookshelves, you see I’m not allowed to help because I might do something wrong, heavens forbid if I cracked the wood or something.. so I stand around and “Ooh and ahh” at his handy work and then help him carry it into the house and assemble it, apparently I can’t hurt it that way! But as we were working on the bookshelves in the garage over his summer break we play the stereo with CDs in the garage and sing along, music soothes the savage beast! and we always enjoy that time together. There’s an old Wanda Jackson song that comes on called “My big Iron skillet” and it’s all about a woman singing to her husband about how he thinks she should be at home while he is out playing around and the chorus goes:

” Cause I’m gonna teach you wrong from right,

With my big iron skillet in my hand

Gonna show you how a little woman can whip a great big man
If you live through the fight we’re gonna have when you get home
You’ll wake up and find yourself alone”

At First I didn’t get what she was singing and then I asked my Bloke “What is she singing?” so he told me, we replayed that song a hundred times I reckon I just loved it.

Not long after that Wanda Jackson was touring Australia and we were lucky enough to get some tickets and went along to her concert, there she stood on the stage I think she’s about 5 foot nothing and her hair is nearly as tall as she is,  at the time she was in her Mid 70’s I think, and she danced around that stage with high heels on and told us stories of how she met Elvis and dated him briefly. She won a fan in me that night, and yes she sung “My big Iron Skillet” and I knew all the words by then, Afterwards we lined up to meet her and get her signature and my “groupie” husband, had a photo with her, my “Groupie husband”  who screamed from the foot of the stage “We LOVE you Wanda” and then blushed when she looked down at him and said “Well darlin’ I love you too!”

Every time I hear “My big Iron Skillet” play now I think about making the bookshelves that summer break and how my Husband got as close to Elvis Presley as he could when he had a photo with Wanda Jackson. She told us that Elvis Presley wrote the song “Wear my ring around your neck” about Wanda!!

For Christmas this year he brought me a “bluestone skillet” and I started singing as we walked through the store with my new Skillet… “with my big Iron Skillet in my hand, gonna show you how a little woman can whip a great big man”

Happy days!!

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