NaBloPoMo…December is Joy… (in between the stresses)


Tuesday, December 23, 2014
What season do YOU think is the most wonderful time of the year? Is it winter?

Too easy for me it’s Spring.

I am allergic to winter. I don’t like the cold, or the rainy windy days when I have to walk “Star Son” down to Football (Australian Football League for those overseas friends not soccer or rugby!) training is usually weeknight from 5.00-6.00 or 6.30pm if they really hate the parents! Why he couldn’t play a sport that didn’t involve winter I’ll never know. But anyways, I do it because my son is passionate and I never was and neither were any of his four bothers or sisters. I “thought” wrongly that I had escape the one thing I dreaded becoming “a Sports parent” and here I am one! Each Sunday in Autumn and Winter we attend football games usually in the mornings and it’s usually bloody cold so we are rugged up and quite often all you will see of me is my eyes peeking out. I HATE WINTER!! Each year I make myself a promise to “Embrace winter” and one year I did really well and it worked because that season seemed to fly by, somehow the rest of the years I have not been able to convince myself to do the “Embracing” again. So not only am I “Football tragic sports Mum” I am also freezing my butt off!

So… What season do YOU think is the most wonderful time of the year? it’s SPRING! The days are getting slightly longer, slightly warmer and we are at the end of football season. Which means we get “Sundays” back and I don’t have to pre-plan “football training nights” dinners because we don’t have training. PLUS to top all of that off, the trees are waking up from their winter slumber and tiny little bits of green leaves are showing, that makes my heart skip a beat! The roses start waking up, Wanda Wisteria starts putting forth buds which will be leaves and then mauve masses or heavenly perfume. The birds come back and start nesting and everything feels clean and fresh.


Grey Winter hath gone, like a wearisome guest, 
   And, behold, for repayment, 
September comes in with the wind of the West 
   And the Spring in her raiment! 
The ways of the frost have been filled of the flowers, 
   While the forest discovers 
Wild wings, with the halo of hyaline hours, 
   And the music of lovers. 

September, the maid with the swift, silver feet! 
   She glides, and she graces 
The valleys of coolness, the slopes of the heat, 
   With her blossomy traces; 
Sweet month, with a mouth that is made of a rose, 
   She lightens and lingers 
In spots where the harp of the evening glows, 
   Attuned by her fingers. 

The stream from its home in the hollow hill slips 
   In a darling old fashion; 
And the day goeth down with a song on its lips, 
   Whose key-note is passion. 
Far out in the fierce, bitter front of the sea 
   I stand, and remember 
Dead things that were brothers and sisters of thee, 
   Resplendent September! 

The West, when it blows at the fall of the noon 
   And beats on the beaches, 
Is filled with a tender and tremulous tune 
   That touches and teaches; 
The stories of Youth, of the burden of Time, 
   And the death of Devotion, 
Come back with the wind, and are themes of the rhyme 
   In the waves of the ocean. 

We, having a secret to others unknown, 
   In the cool mountain-mosses, 
May whisper together, September, alone 
   Of our loves and our losses! 
One word for her beauty, and one for the grace 
   She gave to the hours; 
And then we may kiss her, and suffer her face 
   To sleep with the flowers. 

High places that knew of the gold and the white 
   On the forehead of Morning 
Now darken and quake, and the steps of the Night 
   Are heavy with warning. 
Her voice in the distance is lofty and loud 
   Through the echoing gorges; 
She hath hidden her eyes in a mantle of cloud, 
   And her feet in the surges. 

On the tops of the hills, on the turreted cones -- 
   Chief temples of thunder -- 
The gale, like a ghost, in the middle watch moans, 
   Gliding over and under. 
The sea, flying white through the rack and the rain, 
   Leapeth wild at the forelands; 
And the plover, whose cry is like passion with pain, 
   Complains in the moorlands. 

Oh, season of changes -- of shadow and shine -- 
   September the splendid! 
My song hath no music to mingle with thine, 
   And its burden is ended; 
But thou, being born of the winds and the sun, 
   By mountain, by river, 
Mayst lighten and listen, and loiter and run, 
   With thy voices for ever! 


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