Merry Christmas..

its been a long day and I am more than ready to go to bed.

The day started at 7:00am, I had warned the children that there was no present opening until I had done my morning bible study, so they kindly left me in peace that long.



Everyone was consigned a pile and then it went from there.



Sweetpea was a Christmas angel and loved ripping her paper off, she was more excited at the paper than most of the presents until she saw her “baby” she got a pram for her baby too. And a pink pony.


Squishy was an Elf, no shelves for this elf though, he was having so much fun ripping his pressies open. He got a brown and white pony.



Daughter Number one with Squishy, the “Mum’s” were more excited to open the presents than the babies.



Daughter number two with Sweetpea, who was better at opening presents.



Sweetpea wasn’t entirely sure she liked her pony, it’s a bit higher off the ground than she’s used to.



Squishy was a bit better with his horse and was happy to rock along.



Squishy, Starson, Daughter number two and Sweetpea. Group family photo.



Mum’s in the kitchen doing what she does best! Christmas morning means pancakes and freshly made orange juice, testing out my new “Blue stone” pan that I got for Christmas.



The bon bons had chocolates in them and Sweetpea worked out how to open one! Lucky it’s Christmas!!

Then we went to visit the In Laws, at the Bloke’s sisters house and catch up with his Mum. Afterwards we left to go to our holiday house at the beach,  so we have a few days down here. We have Squishy down with us because daughter number one, has t o work, so she and daughter number two and Sweetpea will come down for a day trip on Saturday.

Tonight we had a lovely family dinner with my cousin and her family, they have the caravan behind us and we spend a lot of time together. Craig cooked roast pork, roast chicken and roast potatoes on the rotisserie, so us girls set up the tables and made the vegetables and gravy. The Bloke and I were to supply dessert, but we were all too full to eat it, so we will have that tomorrow instead. It’s now 9.46pm and this child will not go to sleep…its going to be a loooong night!!


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