“To Read a Million Pages” 2014 update.




01/12/2014-21/12/2014 How to Hear from God Joyce Meyer 292 8
21/12/2014-26/12/2014 The Power of a Womans words Sharon Jaynes 235 8
26/12/2014-30/12/2014 The Power of a womans word study guide Sharon Jaynes 160 8
22/12/2014- 31/12/2014 Through the gates of Splendor Elisabeth Elliot 89 8

Here is my December total.. this was a test blog to see if I could copy and paste from my excel spreadsheet into my blog, apparently I can.

December reading totals were: 776 pages and yearly total was: 5,076 pages which is a terrible year for me but you see I was so busy with babies that I even neglected my reading!!

This is part of a very long term goal which started 1st January 2007To read a million pages” Most years I’ve been good with my totals not this year.. so the overall total amount of pages read since 2007 is… 175,926

I will now be making this part of my “Book Club” postings.


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