at a loss…

D’uh silly me.. I am still on “holiday mode” my Bloke is home for another two weeks and so I am lost as to what day it is etc ect. So I just logged on to check what NaBloPoMo prompt I had for today and also yesterday (D’uh yesterday was Saturday I was at the Wedding!!) I had missed..only to realize we don’t do prompts on Saturday and Sunday.. so the good news here is.. I have not missed anything!

So now what to write about?

Let me tell you a little about the Wedding.

My Nephew from my ex-husband’s side got married yesterday. My Officially “ex” sister–in-law stumbled over how to introduce me to her friend, but we decided to go with “sister-in-law” because I divorced her brother and not her.. I had a sense of Deja-vu because a few years ago I went through the same thing with my other “officially” ex Sister-in-law, and we just decided on “sister-in-law” who cares what they call me, I just glad that they call me at all. I am glad that I was able to maintain these two women and their children in my and my children’s lives.

So yesterday Rob married his princess Ashley at the “Vibe Savoy” hotel in the “city” also known to everyone else as “Melbourne” but when you live in Victoria I think most of us call it “the City” My Bloke and I decided a month or so ago to book a room and make a weekend on it, so we could have a night off children etc ect, plus it kind of starts the new Year off on a good footing, We are re-establishing “Date nights”

Date nights are one night or even day a month (we alternate months and do not do our own birthday month) we chose to go out somewhere “kid free” we did this about two years and then one time we didn’t have a baby sitter so we took “Star son” on a “Date day” and also invited my Mother-in-law, so it was the Bloke and I and my m-i-l and our son, double “dating” we went Ice Skating!! It just kind of turned into a “foursome” for the rest of that year because Star Son and M-I-L enjoyed it so much and who can deprive people of fun… then I stopped it because I wasn’t getting any alone time with MY bloke!

This year I am re-establishing “Date Nights” and it means JUST THE TWO OF US! So I got my Bloke a really cool calendar made for Christmas, each month has a personalized photo of either him and I or the three of us (Bloke, Star Son and I) and November had Grand baby Sweetpea and December has Grand Son Squishy. My Plan was to put a restaurant voucher or some kind of “date” voucher on each month… well you know that saying about “Mice and Men”

The best-laid plans of mice and men often goawry (from a poem by Robert Burns- who knew?!)

Anyways I am digressing.. the point of the poem, was… that I did not get to fill each month with “vouchers” of any kind. A) I didn’t have enough cash. B) I didn’t have enough time and C) probably most important there were not many choices in Sunbury.

He got a Gift card from the local cinema and a Voucher for “Taco Bills” so that’s two date night planned. Plus on the way home from the wedding we decided to agree that last night at the wedding classes as a date night.. how so?

  • We got dressed up and went out of the house
  • Technically we had “no kids” even though the two daughters were at the Wedding they went home.
  • We had “Dinner”
  • We danced and enjoyed ourselves
  • We stayed at a fancy motel the whole night!

Close enough for me. So the Bloke has taken care of January’s Date Night.. a Night out at the Vibe Savoy, wanna have a look? :

Yesterday it was so hot in Melbourne, it got to 43C (113F) for my overseas friends. It was so hot! and I didn’t drink enough water clearly because I had the worst headache, we left early and were in bed by 11.00 pm. But we had a great night out.

This morning we didn’t need to check out till 11.00 am so we walked across the road to Southern Cross train station to DFO and found the food court for breakfast.

IMG_0511Bacon and Eggs for the Bloke and for my Raisin toast with a cappuccino. My first coffee in 8 weeks and I did not enjoy it and so obviously the removal of caffeine from my diet has been the right decision.

On the way home I had to catch up with my “instagram challenge” a photo a day with Chantelle (Fat Mum Slim) and today’s challenge was “I hear” so I was thinking, what a pity I did not take a photo of the trains while I was at Southern Cross, then I thought ok, we’re bound to pass a tram, I’ll get that, nope, so my very smart husband says “What about a plane?” detoured home past the Airport! The first plane coming into land was too fast, so he says “here comes another one” but we were too early, so my Husband says “Once around the round about we go” he traveled rather slowly, until the plane was directly over us and I snapped this.. all I needed to do was add the caption! The things my long-suffering bloke does to help me get my Challenges done on time!!


I hear…


Apparently overnight while we were dancing, there was a huge storm.. who knew? and so I checked my garden first thing on arrival home my baby Teenage vegetables continue to grow well and as I was checking.. look who I saw?

IMG_0517      two baby “Things”  stupid me planted Zucchini and Cucumber side by side so I don’t know which is which haha!

                         IMG_0516Whatever they are, they are growing and I am so proud of them! we also have more baby Strawberry, woo hoo!

So it’s been a big weekend and a wonderful start to 2015!

How was your first weekend of the year? Did you do anything special? or go anywhere exciting?


6 thoughts on “at a loss…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Kim. I loved the thought (and the play on words) – “who cares what they call me, I just glad that they call me at all”. Your idea of the calendar is pretty cool 🙂 Looks like your veggies are faring pretty well. I started growing herbs last year and almost killed mine 😦 Need to work on the green thumb. If I were to guess I’d say the first one is the zucchini and the second one is the cucumber. Who knows! Let me know when you find out 🙂

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