So exciting!!

Tonight I got an email from Malini Parker.. pictured below…

She started off my New Year very exciting!!

Her email said:

Hi Kim

 I hope the new year is going well so far… we’re 5 days in and already I feel like it’s running away from me 🙂

 I have some news  that might bring on a smile for you –

I’d very much like Lee AND YOU to come along as my guest to my Melbourne workshop on Saturday, Feb 28th.

If you can both make it, I’d be delighted, and I can’t wait to meet you both 🙂

 To accept, just send me a reply and include both of your mobile numbers.

I will then enter your details and you will receive an automated welcome message from my bookings platform, All done!

 Hoping to hear from you soon 🙂

By the way, I haven’t got in touch with Lee – I thought you can be the one to let her know, as you nominated her!

 Congratulations and Hugs from me!


 I cannot tell you how excited I was.. I ran to get my phone to call my cousin, and she didn’t answer her phone! But she called me back!

We are off to the Abbotsford Convent to attend an art class with Malini, who is coming to Melbourne from Perth for a two-day’s of Art classes. Lee and I have won places at the Saturday Class and I am so excited!!

This is some of the work that Malini has done

Did I mention I’m excited?!


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