We’re backkkk! Good Morning Girls and bible study are back!


I have to confess I missed my lessons, I didn’t waste the “break” though I did the Sharon Jayne’s “The Power of a Woman’s words” and I learnt a lot.

A- I like Sharon’s writing and her way of teaching the lessons, I was working from the book and I also had the work book, which involved a  lot of Scripture searching, which was good because I had never read a lot of those scriptures so I learnt new things. plus Sharon asked really juicy questions some I couldn’t even begin to think of answers to.

B- I am not sure why I am currently being drawn to all the women teachers.. first study I did after Rock Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” was

  • Jolene Engel’s- The Wives of the Bible
  • Girlfriends in God (emails was another different type of study I did)
  • 30 days Husband encouragement challenge (via email that was fun, I had to encourage my husband for 30 days, not whine once!)
  • Psalm 139- we had to read it every day for a month and then rewrite it in our own words.
  • Joyce Meyer’s “How to hear from God”

I’ve also brought a few more “woman” based studies maybe God is trying to tell me I need some more female friends?!

So I was really happy today to wake up and know that it was time for…..




Blogging through the Bible

Blogging through the Bible

So here is this week’s plan


and now we have started a new thing called “Monday Mediation and Memorization”

(Taken from Courtney’s email-)

I prefer to memorize large chunks of scripture over hopping around from verse to verse.  This Psalm I chose is a reflection on the happenings of Exodus.

We want to remember the wonders of our Mighty God and what He has done in the past.  We serve this same God!  The passage says, “I will meditate on your mighty deeds.”  That is exactly what we will do.

Please print the entire passage or just the verses for this week and put a copy by your computer, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, your purse, your pocket, in your car, beside your bed or anywhere else you spend time.  Meditate and SOAK in the word of God day and night!



This is the first part of our Monday Memorization. And we are also using the colour charts…

GMG Bible Coloring Chart

I need to print this and start doing it.. right after I finish this lot of blog postings!!

I said I wanted to go “Deeper” with the Lord this year and so this is certainly going to help with that wish.

Plus the Christian Art Classes over at http://his-kingdom-come.com/   Have started and I have started the Logos mapping to find my word.. actually I already had the word but I did the paper work anyways.

I am involved in “Take me deeper” and “Logos” and then “Bible journaling” if I can keep up with them all… but this is also a great way for me to dig “deeper” into his word, so I am going to give it a jolly good try!!

His Kingdom Come Logo

So Monday’s will be Motivational.. in some way shape or form!


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