Blogging 101 day two..

blogging University

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

Me: *insert groan* Ohhh… *raises hand* asking the instructor… “Is this a “Must do“? assignment? because I kind of like my Name and the name of my blog is MY NAME.

Instructors reply: Why? The title is the first thing most readers will see.

Me: Which is why I made it MY Name, so people can easily find the right blog.

Instructors reply: Your title and tagline work with elements like your address and theme to give visitors context and help them decide to stick around.

Me: Hmmm I’ll think about it, in the mean time do I HAVE to do it?

Instructors reply: Keep it short and sweet. Thirty and 40 word taglines leave us breathless. Be concise.

Me: Alright alright you win! I changed it!!

Kim L Hine

She’s off on another Tangent (digressing suddenly from one course of action or thought and turning to another) it’s a “Kimmy” thing..

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