NabloPoMo Habits.. January



Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Have you ever tried to break a habit and failed? What made it so difficult to break?

Short answer “Chocolate” but then when I think about it, it’s not really a HABIT, it’s more like a lifestyle, I’m sure I could “break it” but obviously I don’t really want to.

I’m off to ask my husband for his opinion….

Oh OK… here’s one. I wait until my fingernails get to a certain length, (which by the way is never long enough) and then I peel them all off. I don’t bite them ever! I pick at them and the peel off.. yep! that would be classed as a bad habit. Why is it so hard to break? I’m not sure, because it’s a habit.. I wonder how I would even go about trying to break it.

OK, I just thought of another one, but again does it fall under the category of “bad habit” or one of my quirks? When I get really angry with someone, and I feel threatened instead of telling them what the problem is I go silent. Now depending how close to me the person is.. I’ll stew on it for a while and then suddenly it will explode and all spew out like a volcano. OR I’ll go on a mad cleaning spree and the kids all walk around and ask in hushed whispers “Who pissed Mum off this time?”

I am truly trying to work through this “habit” or Quirk, but it’s taken me a lot of therapy sessions before I could actually voice my opinion. Luckily now that I walk with the Lord I know that if I do not ask I will not receive and if I do not tell we cannot resolve!

So I am praying on that one.


2 thoughts on “NabloPoMo Habits.. January

  1. Ugh! I’m like you in that I don’t like confrontations so I take a lot from people. Instead of confronting the problem or just saying something like “you hurt my feelings when…” or “I really wish you would not …” I go silent. I ignore it and then it gets worse and worse and worse and then the volcano erupts! Yup. That’s me. I still have one sister that will not speak to me since August of 2013 because she dished it out for fifty years and the ONE time I did not take it, she said I was mean and wicked and evil and now she refuses to talk to me. Yup. I get that one!

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