Blogging 101… day 3..

blogging University

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

Part of what makes blogging such a rich experience are the relationships we develop with people from around the world.  Those relationships only happen when we engage with one another — just look at The Commons. Plus, reaching out to other bloggers is the best way to have them return the favor.

  • I find this to be especially true, I have connected with some lovely bloggers and even gone a little bit further with a few, adding them as “friends” on facebook and Instagram and twitter and Pinterest, but not only that I am about to become penfriends with one. So I am making some lovely friendships.

The first step is finding the people you want to connect with. By following topics you care about in the Reader, you’ll discover a world of blogs. Some of them will become favorite reads, and some of their authors will become your fans.

Feel free to publish a post in addition to completing today’s task if you’d like! Write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog, or take a look at our prompts and challenges for more inspiration.

Five new topics;

  • Parenting
  • Christian
  • Books
  • Blogging101
  • recipes

Five new Blogs to have a look at:


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