Book review



Another book down!

“The Lizard Eaters” by Douglas Lockwood.

I don’t even recall buying this book but it was in my cupboard at our holiday house as I went on a search for “Aussie authors”

Douglas Lockwood is a reporter and he went on a tour to the outback of Australia, right into the middle where the nomadic tribes follow the water, if one water hole is dry they are forced to move on till they find some. These tribes of Aborigines have never seen a white man till he comes along, they wear no clothes and eat only what they can hunt as they go along, usually lizards, hence the name “Lizard Eaters” Douglas introduces them to billy tea and damper and some of them are convinced to give up their hard life of wandering, and go into missions and be clothed and fed and “civilized”

This book is set int he 50’s and I am seriously wondering how different things would be these days. It was written very plainly and simply so it was an easy read, I wouldn’t bother again though, 5/10



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