NaBloPoMo- Habits… Music, books and actors..Oh My!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Do you need to always find new music, authors, or actors, or do you stick with what you already know you like?

I tend to go in cycles, in music sometimes I’ll listen to the same stuff over and over and over again, for example (this is a good one) In July I discovered the Lord, yeah I know I’m slow alright?!! So along with Bible studies and movies to watch somehow music got called into play and “Spotify” is a great tool, you can type in an artist and it’ll bring up all their music, so I’ve been kind of hooked on “Christian” music for a few months, I figured if I played it in the back ground it would soak into my brain, and then I noticed as I did the dishes I would be humming along to Mercy Me or Chris Tomlin, in my “Christian Music” folder there is a range of stuff going all the way back to Johnny Cash’s gospel. Then Christmas came along so I switched to Christmas music and then we’ve been in and out the house on holiday breaks, so I have been listening to the radio instead. But today my daughter and I listened to some Chris Tomlin he does an amazing version of “Amazing Grace

When it comes to Authors I am open to new suggestions, except if I am in the middle of a series by a particular author, I once went through a stage where I would only read Bryce Courtney books. His first book was “The Power of One” loosely written about his child hood growing up in Sth. Africa, and then I was hooked, so my bloke introduced me to Wilbur Smith and he has a series of books featuring the “Courtneys” So I would finish one and then move right onto the next one. At the moment I am doing “A year of Australian Authors” so I am reading new people and also varying genres, because sometimes they too become a bit “habit-forming, when I was planning my Wedding, I went through a medieval stage, everything I read was Medieval and we even spoke “medieval-ish” around the house!

Actors, not so much although whenever I see a new movie with Meryl Steep I will automatically add it to my “must see” list. I like the oldies movies, so Vivien LeighJoan Crawford, Bette Davis, Clark Gable etc. But I don’t have a huge “actor” thing. I rarely get to the movies, instead we wait till they come out on DVD and watch them at home.

So do you have any favourite books to recommend to me?

17 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo- Habits… Music, books and actors..Oh My!

  1. well thanks for this song – and I had a period of a few years where I could not hear one more tomlin song – but recently – like in the last 3 months – we have a few of his jams on a playlist and truly a gift – a bit of unexpected worship and whew – good stuff.
    and I have one book to suggest – you might have read it – and well, if not – it has to the unabridged version – and no hurry – just add it to your bucket list – but it is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo – (and not the movies or musicals – just the book…;) ) IMHO – best book ever written (besides the Bible)
    good day to ya ❤

      • actually from what I know about you – I think you will love the book – but the movie does not do it justice – and the history is a small fry nugget compared to the way hugo addresses humanity, love, scoundrels, society, pain, hope, perseverance, and more. and then in Javert we have the lack of grace – we have the “law” and how it can poison and ruins man – whew – just so tasty and then he weaves stopries in and out – to where one sacrificial giving comes back to save the man that gave from a tender heart – along with garden analogies, fabric references, descriptive nature settings and little sayings that make you pause – stop reading and just ponder and feel.

        anyhow, I could go on but I won’t! but put it on some list of yours 🙂
        and by the way – I just listened to about 4 tomiln songs and then stopped – could only take so much – but now I have a nice mixed list going – from a jami smith jam to a some “various artists” singing “he walks with me” lol –

      • well thanks for asking – I really like Jeremy Camp – Chalrie Hall – and David Corwder. Oh – and Delirious… and check out the aaron pelsue band.
        can’t forget Lincoln Brewster – a few really awesome tunes- whew –
        and maybe building 429 –
        your turn what about u? any suggestions….?

      • Love David Crowder, I also love MercyMe, and Francesca Battiselli (think I spelt her name right) Jeremy Camp is on my playlist, I have heaps saved on Spotify, I just put it on shuffle while Im doing the house work or if I am doing my blog at home alone I’ll play them.

      • same here – and sometimes I add random oldies – oh – and one of the best spottily playlists I ever made was newsboys. I never really listened to them in the 90’s but knew a coupe songs – and well, one day last summer – out int he garden with headphones – and a few jams brought me to my knees – well one in particular – a part where is said “and, and He’s coming back againnnnnnnn”

      • Oh Kim – I really do not think you will be disappointed. For example, my lil sis has a way of hyping stuff up and then later we have all been like, “um, well…” ha!
        but when I was first dating my spouse he read it (on his own just cos I said it was my fav – which is so sweet) and when done he instantly said, “mine too.”
        I have a couple of posts where I mention les mis – I will try and find them so maybe you can just read those parts of it.
        and okay, this is cheesy, but I also believe the Lord had me read the abridged version in high school (10thgr) because it was part of the way he prepped me more for a romantic love – like when hugo writes about how Cosette and Marius declare their love (and it was real) and then say by the way what’s your name! and then the unabridged version – ahhhh – I know you will like it and maybe even star son can enjoy a few sections… 🙂

      • ouch – that darn postage! check the bookstore too – cos here at our large chain is where I fought the soft cover mass editions – and I also suggest getting your own copy – so you can mark it up and just savor it – also – it is long – and depending on how much time you have – it could take a few weeks/months. but you could always skim it and then decided if you want to get your own. I try and reread it every now and then…

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