Blogging 101– Be Inspired..

blogging University

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Why do this?

  • Your blog is shaped by your own thinking and by your interactions with others, and building on someone else’s post expands your own ideas.
  • The original post was worth commenting on, that means it struck a nerve — it’s a topic people are interested in reading about.
  • Responding and linking to other blogs adds to the fabric of the blogosphere, and actually helps other bloggers find you.


  • Did you mention a personal connection to what was written? Tell that story, using the original discussion as a starting point for yours.

In the “Hello neighbour” post I wrote on the website I didn’t mention the connection, but in MY post on my site I briefly told you that I went to that site because it was listed as “writing and Food” in the topics. Obviously those are two things I also enjoy. When I got to Meg’s site and saw her impressive list of recipes I thought I’d come back and try some of them as my part of my challenge


When I first found out about this recipe challenge from Reannon @ 

She was going to do it weekly, my husband thought I’d be pushing my luck if I attempted that with my fussy children so we went for fortnightly.. which means that THIS week is the second week and I need to try a new recipe and share it with you all…

Maybe I can find one on Meg’s page! @



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