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The Stockmen

Rosie Highgrove-Jones grows up hating her double-barrelled name. She dreams of riding out over the wide plains of the family property, working on the land. Instead she’s stuck writing the social pages of the local paper.

Then a terrible tragedy sparks a series of shocking revelations for Rosie and her family. As she tries to put her life back together, Rosie throws herself into researching the haunting true story of a 19th century Irish stockmen who came to Australia and risked his all for a tiny pup and a wild dream. Is it just coincidence when Rosie meets a sexy Irish stock man of her own? And will Jim help her realize her deepest ambitions – or will he break her heart?

The Stockmen
I’ve never read this author before but I found myself drawn into the story right away, I’ve heard about how good she is but this was the first time I’ve read any of her, I’ll be looking for the others now that I enjoyed this one so much. I love the way she wove the history into the present and tied it all together nicely in the end and threw in a few twists and turns so you “think” you know whats coming and it veers off to somewhere else.
I gave this one on Good reads a 5* I really enjoyed it, didn’t want to stop reading it.
This takes my “Aussie Author” reading challenge up to three books and 1,032 pages
Now I am reading a book called
Mailman of the Birdsville Track: The Story of Tom Kruse
The Birdsville Track is one of the best-known tracks in Australia, and for 20 years Tom Kruse was the mailman, battling searing heat, floods and mechanical breakdowns. He made the run every fortnight and was a lifeline to the isolated settlements and stations along the way, delivering everything from letters to essential supplies.

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