NaBloPoMo– Habits.. One book?! say it isn’t so!


Thursday, January 15, 2015
If you had to read the same book year after year after year, what would it be?

If you asked me this last year I would have said “Gone with the Wind” I love the book, I love the history and I just love all of it.

but then In July last year I discovered the Bible, and Jesus, and began doing Bible studies and reading different bits, the challenge I had previously with the Bible was that I would pick it up and “attempt” to read it cover to cover… I never got far and always threw it away… and then I had a good Christian friend who explained to me “oh NO! you don’t read the Bible like a normal book” OHH.. “OK so how do I read it?” those seven words changed me! Because her answer was so thorough and helpful (Oh and I was trying to read the “wrong” sort of Bible, you know the ones with “thee, thou, shalt” etc ect, so she suggested NIV and start from there,) I brought myself a pretty little green bible and then I was too scared to mark the pages.. in my next letter from my pal I received a hand written sheet with verses and chapters to read for different things, and THAT begun my love affair with the Bible and the stories it held within. I have read a portion of it every day twice a day since then!

Along came “Good Morning Girls” with Courtney’s challenge to “Read the Bible in a year” so I signed up for that and have been working on her plan ever since. I know I have read some parts of the bible in other studies because the pages are highlighted (EKKK you HAVE to write in the Bible it’s mandatory.. that was a hard lesson to learn!!) but then I read it again in context to what I am studying and it seems to read differently.. so I am still learning from stuff previously read..

That is why if I can take ONLY one book, (and even typing that makes me feel nervous!!) I would choose the Bible.. as long as I could have my highlighters and crayons to colour code!!

IMG_0555         IMG_0556

5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo– Habits.. One book?! say it isn’t so!

  1. My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird and I would not have a problem reading that one over and over again. I read it about once a year right now anyway.

  2. Back with another comment…have you read Beautiful Kate by Newton Thornburg? I saw the movie on the plane on the way back from Sydney a few years ago and always wondered about the book. I think it would be a nice addition to your Australian Writers Challenge if you haven’t already read it. And by the way, I really like this new theme!

    • Aww thanks for commenting about my theme it’s a bit more “girly” I wasn’t going to change it but then I decided new year etc etc..
      I’m off to look for your book suggestion and on the subject of books, your book and letter are in the mail in the morning!!

  3. I will stick with the Bible as my #1 choice. I used reading schedules, and either fell behind and read too fast to catch up. Now, I read through, but at my pace and if something is really interesting, dwell there for awhile. Each time through, I now change versions and usually have a new study Bible that I get to mark up all over again. In fact right now I am using two; NASB Charles Stanley Study and KJV Henry Morris’ Study.
    After over 50 yrs, I have slowed down and enjoy it more. Even read through Chronological once.
    Whatever or however, it is the Greatest Book ever written.

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