Are we there yet? and here’s one I prepared earlier..


Are we there yet?


Here’s one I prepared earlier..over the holidays I had this gorgeous boy my 13 month old Grandson down at our holiday place with us, his Mum works full-time, and he wasn’t sleeping the best by 6.30am he was wide awake and didn’t want to sleep.. so Grandma sacrificed my sleep (I’ll sleep when I’m dead I guess!) and we went walking. This particular day the path besides the beach ran out so we wandered in land and found this reserve and followed a long winding deserted path, I must admit thoughts of murders and hidden bodies flashed through my head! Oh! I meant me getting murdered and my body being hidden!!

Anyways somewhere along the way (I kept telling myself, just go to the next clearing, or the next bend or what’s over that side?) we came to a wooden path way over the salt marshes where they are trying to get the salt marshes to regrow… so that is today’s sign!

4 thoughts on “Are we there yet? and here’s one I prepared earlier..

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  2. Ah! So I am not the only one that takes a walk to discover and explore then realizes what a perfect place it would be for someone to murder me and stash my body! Good to know!

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