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Wronged Objects

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

I would owe an apology to a clock.. not any clock but a Ansonia.. What do I know about clocks? Zilch would be the short answer, but my Husband is obsessed with clocks. We have a few in the house one room has three. So it wasn’t until our Grand children came along that I appreciated the clocks, because my Grand daughter Sweetpea is also obsessed with clocks. She will look at the largest of the clocks which is a “Woodcock” made in Melbourne, it used to hang on the wall of a pub that my Bloke’s grandfather used to work in and so when he retired they gave him the clock! It has a pendulum and a very loud but soothing “tick tick” so as we are changing babies on the dining room table (it quickly became a change station!) they would lay there and look at the clock. As soon as Sweetpea was focusing on things we introduced her to the clock and she giggled. It soon became a game when we knew that Sweetpea was coming to visit we would make sure the clock was wound up, and we would take her over to say hello to the clock and listen to her giggle. Now she is 13 months old and we ask her “Where’s Grandpa” she turns to the clock and points to the clock. Now she’s added a whispered “tick tock tick tock” when we ask her “What does the clock say?” She loves clocks!

So back to the Ansonia, it’s been sitting on my Mother-in-law’s mantelpiece for as long as I’ve been visiting there but I’ve never seen it work. When Sweetpea was visiting  her Great Grand Mother one day, the Bloke asked her “Scarlett, where is the clock?” and she looked all over the room and found the Ansonia sitting on the mantelpiece and she giggled, every time she went there it was the same thing. Tanny (My Mother-in-law) thought it adorable how she associated The bloke with clocks since it’s his great love. So she told SweetPea that one day she would have the clock (since it had been promised to the Bloke anyways) fast forward to three months ago and My Mother-in-law moved into a Nursing Retirement village and we had the job of emptying her home and relocating things so that we could rent her family home.

The Ansonia was still sitting on the mantelpiece and my Mother-in-law said “Please take the mantle clock” So I said to the Bloke “Take the clock and put it somewhere” So we brought it home and put it on the dresser.. and I hated it.. it’s very ornate and over the top and just not my style.. he said “Let’s leave it here till Mum comes to the Baby’s party and then we will put it away” so he proceeded to wind it. I’d never seen it wound or heard it before, it chimes too but he turned the chimes off his Mum said she never wound it because it was “too loud” yes it’s loud, but sometimes when I am home all alone it’s comforting.


This is from the Ansonia website..

It’s not exactly the same as our clock, the painting on the cover glass is slightly different but the casing is the same… it’s “ornate” and here is what the website says about it…

Catalog Description:

C.1880, Ansonia Clock Co., “Parisian’, walnut parlor clock, restored. This is a decent clock in running order, but has incorrect single barrel pendulum (should be double), has incorrect minute hand and top, center finial is turned to match the other 2, and should be as pictured in the Ansonia catalog (looks OK); original dial is excellent; would be $450 if correct; Height 23′

So no, I am not going to sell it and I am going to apologize to the Parisian Ansonia clock because my Grand Daughter loves it… she crawls to the cupboard pulls herself up and stares at the clock. She sits there and watches this clock tick..

Some people will things to their children and Grandchildren, we have already decided that ALL the Clocks are being “Willed” to Sweetpea.. She is our “time keeper” I just love that she has picked up this fascination from her Grandpa and she’s only 13 months old. And when it’s quiet and she is sitting calmly you can hear her whisper “tick tock tick tock

 Dear Ansonia Clock,

I am so sorry I judged you unfairly. I thought you were ugly and I put you on display “Just” to please my Mother-in-law. But I was won over the day she came to visit and saw you sitting proudly among her things, her paintings, my father-in-law’s pipe holder (another “ugly piece”) and the reaction my Mother-in-law had at seeing “her” clock on display was priceless, You belong here where you are being used and appreciated and listened to and giggled at. We welcome you into our family and I am sorry for making a hasty judgement against you.


Me xo


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