NaBloPoMo… Habits..I detest Liars!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Hippocrates famously said: “Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.” Add one more important habit to his list.

Always tell the truth.

I have always raised my children to be honest, I think there’s nothing so bad in this world that you can’t tell the truth about, and things can be fixed if you tell the truth.

On the other hand some people are compulsive liars and they tell such elaborate stories that they forget what they’ve told and who they’ve told them to, and then when they are starting to be discovered they turn the blame on to the honest one.

I am talking from experience.

It’s not a nice feeling. A compulsive liar tells stories to garner attention and you start to feel sorry for them, and then you think “Oh my gosh! How awful!” and you think “Maybe there’s something I can do to help?” Maybe we should contact the parents and give them a heads up? At least that’s how I work. But then time goes by and the story has been slightly changed, maybe it’s a little thing like the day or the time, and then someone tells you something different and you start to put things together and before you know it… the original story is a total web of lies… I detest liars! I Think I detest liars even more when I know that MY child was in the right..

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!

And Liars never do well, they cheat to cover their lies and cheating always hurts someone. And they get mean too, because they’re scared of getting found out.. and Liar’s parents are even worse, because they “want” to believe their child, how could their child tell such lies?? it must be the other person who is lying.. And then they are in denial.. because they simply cannot believe that THEIR child would tell such amazing lies.. even when the person who is truthful can back up their lies…

I am a Mother, I will fight for my children and I have raised them as I have been raised. But even as a Mother when you gut instinct is screaming at you about something you know is NOT a good idea, they eventually must grow up and fly the nest… and I am biting my tongue so hard right now not to say “I told you so” but I am also biting my tongue right now because I so badly want to tell the Liar’s parents the truth about their Child. I put myself in their place and if MY child was in a such a mess and such a tangled web of lies and deceit I would want to know, I wouldn’t like it and I would find it hard to deal with my I would deal with it. I’ve prayed about it and journalled about it and now I am silent, because I just don’t know what else to do..I am like a simmering pot.. and one more bit of heat I may very well explode..

I detest liars!


12 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo… Habits..I detest Liars!

  1. Hey Kim – I enjoyed reading your take on the topic of lying – and so true! and I think a personal irritant for me is when it is done so subtly – like we used to listen to a guy named Ken preach in the 1990’s – it was a Thursday night thing and every time we left I told my husband I did not like his stories – they were not believable – and seemed like lies- and we went back and forth about the use of exaggerated examples for as effect – and well, no mate dhow they excuse their fabricating, I think it is deceptive if it is shared as “really happened” – and I actually had to part ways with a blogger I loved a bunch – just cause his casual conversations in coffee shops began to feel “made up” – and his little faith bullet points were great and he is a fantastic guy – but when the bull detector goes off – that is a huge pet peeve. Trust is everything….
    great topic to write about….
    🙂 ❤ ❤

    • Thanks Yvette. I agree, this person was subtle and and also at time not so subtle and brought mutual friends into it and then brought me in to it.. Ok, liar liar can fool my daughter, she can fool the mutual friends BUT when she brings ME into it.. Its gotta stop right there. I figure my daughter is 22yrs old and classified as an “adult” so if she gets walked over by liar liar then its her doing, but I won’t stand by and risk my grand daughter being caught up in liar liar’s web of destruction. So when she laid hands on my Grand daughter we got them outta there so fast! Literally its making me sick. I feel like the stuffing as been ripped out of me… Either that or Im coming down with the flu in summer… It’d be just my luck LOL

      • well keep in mind that “all things work for good” and not sound corny (or overuse romans 8:28 – because we simple can’t) but so many times God is using this for MANY teaching lessons and many angles. and I know you know this – but it helps to remember – because just like steel gets fortified – this is how we get strong and it is how we learn to tune into the holy spirit and get comforted by him – and how we just really see his potent hand on strengthening us as well as seasoning our discernment. and I pray that your daughter will learn all the extras that are need to learn here too –
        and so not one bit of stuffing was ripped out – but God knew that the stuffing would be stirred – but not one shake was out of his omnipotent overseeing – and he will continue to strengthen you and fortify you and many good fruits can come from what the enemy meant for bad.
        in fact, many times I see how so many fantastic things have come from what the enemy meant for bad – I have to settle down form an upset and look and ask, Okay – what awesome things are at work – thx God – for strength, insight, and in jesus name I thank you for protection and for using me in this way” – and truly, what a gift you are to be able to intercede – protect the granddaughter r- but also maybe minister to others as the Lord leads…
        oh and I hope you do not have a summer flu coming – argh!

      • I know – we all do – as humans we do, right? have a good day – and I included a snippet of Hugo in a recent post thinking of you… 🙂
        hope u have a good rest of your day

  2. I really don’t like liars, either. And it is a really tough situation when you know someone is lying and you cannot call them on it for whatever reason. I know quite a few people that I consider liars. And what gets me is that they don’t have a reason to lie. It’s almost like every time they open their mouths, lies come tumbling out. Dumb lies like “I went to the casino and won a lot of money.” Then you find out months later that they didn’t even go to the casino. Or “I was in line at the movies yesterday and the man in front of me turned around and gave me a ticket so I didn’t have to buy one.” And it turns out that they bought their own ticket along with a friend’s ticket because the friend was short on cash. Silly lies. Why would it matter if she went to a casino and won money? Why would it matter if someone gave her a movie ticket or she bought her own? Any way, now you’ve got me going on about lies! And it reminded me of my dad…I’ll have to post about that one…he tells likes…total inventions to make himself look good! They are actually kind of funny, especially when he gets caught!

    • I dont know or remember how my parents taught me NOT to lie, l just alqays remember my Mirher knew everything and everyone and if l lied or cheated they’d find out, so l never even tried.

      • Oh yes! Mothers always know when you’re lying! My mom could always catch my brothers in their lies without them even knowing what she was doing until it was too late. Another good thing to blog about! See? You are giving me ideas!

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