Happy Birthday Star Son!

This time, 23rd January 2002, 13 years ago it was a Tuesday, I was resting after a struggle to deliver my very handsome Star Son. He was in special care because he was a bit shocked at being made to come out early, he was HUGE and he got stuck, shoulder dystocia (basically his shoulder didn’t want to come through my pelvis and they thought he might be born with a broken shoulder)

Shoulder dystocia happens when your baby’s head has been born, but one of her shoulders becomes stuck. Your baby’s shoulder can get stuck if:


by then I was passed caring because I heard the dreaded “C-Word” they said “if he doesn’t come soon we will perform a c-section”

Finally he was born, a whopping 9 pound 4 ozs and huge!He was born with Janis Martin singing the song “Billy Boy” at exactly 4.00pm!

While he was in the Special care nursery he was such a shock to everyone, we kept walking past him, looking for our son, no one could quite believe I gave birth to that with minimal effort. I was in the shower and walking down stairs 45 minutes after having him, I had to ring his older brothers and sisters to tell them! We stayed in the hospital three nights, I couldn’t sleep with the noisy room-mate so I asked to go home, he was after all baby number 4 I think I knew what I was doing..

A Collage of my darling Star Son!

He was born with that birth mark, at first the DR’s thought it was a bruise from the forceps, and then they mentioned more deadly scenarios and so he had to undergo lots of testing. He got eczema when he was little before 6 months old and we had to wrap him in wet bandages and oil him up with lotions and potions.

This boy child of mine has the best personality, he really is a bright shining star!


Mum and Will.

IMG_0707  IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0711

His Special Order for the day was “Chocolate Cheese cake” so I made him this one.. from scratch and it was goooood….

His request for the day was “Chocolate cheese cake with strawberries on top”

See next post for recipe!

IMG_0705  IMG_0697

Squishy and Sweetpea played happily while I made the cheesecake

Uncle Will and Sweetpea morning “birthday” huggles.

My Star Son had a good day, with his second sister he spent the day at Watergardens, they played Blowing and laser tag and had lunch. For birthday dinners the birthday person chooses what they want, he chose KFC and Cheesecake, so we had the both sisters and one of the partners over for dinner, it was a good day I think.

He is having a joint birthday party with a school friend on Sunday (Monday is a public holiday called “Australia Day”) So they are doing the party at the girls house on Sunday night.

Fantabulous Fridays


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