Blogging University..

blogging University

Today’s assignment: if you’re active on a social network, set up Publicize to link the account to your blog or add a widget highlighting your profile. If you’re not, explore your social options to see whether one might be helpful.

Why do this?

  • Networks like Facebook and Twitter are full of new readers waiting to find you.
  • Social networks can act as an extension of your blog, giving readers another place to connect and you a place to share other thoughts and links.

Done done done done done done this is done… admit it you heard the Madden Brother’s singing then!!



One thought on “Blogging University..

  1. I have my Facebook privacy settings such that very few people can even see that I am on Facebook. I like it that way because there are a lot of people that I don’t want to see what I post (former in-laws and my ex as it was a very messy divorce and continues to be a very difficult situation, 20 years later!) so it wouldn’t help me much. I also write a lot of memoir which involves the people that DO see what I post on Facebook so again, I’m sort of stuck. I do post a link there to my blog from time to time but I’m not sure I’m ready to “go public” to the whole world. I’m working on being ready. We’ll see.

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