NaBloPoMo- Day 28.. Nightly routines..


Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Tell us about your night routine. What is one thing you could never imagine changing about it?

My night routine is pretty much set and I like it like that, so probably at this stage I wouldn’t consider changing it, but having said that wh knows what’s around the corner..

5.45 pm, my Son feeds the animals this is his one and only chore.

I prepare the vegetables and start the dinner because we live with the grandbabies I like to get them fed by 6.30 pm whenever I can so that we can keep to their routines, of dinner, bath and bed and bottle all by 8;00 pm. This way we all have a bit of a break from babies.

After dinner, while  am taking care of cleaning the kitchen and preparing to close up for the night, one or both of the girls are bathing babies and getting them settled for the night. So once the kitchen is clean, I head out to my garden to check it all and water if needed.

By then I am usually in time to kiss babies goodnight and my time is my own.. by then  I’m tired!

I use this quite time to write my blog, and maybe a letter or two if I am not too tired and it’s peaceful enough.

Shower and Bed, once in bed I re -read the bible verses that I studies earlier in the day to cement it into my brain.

Lights out by 11.00 pm (I think I need to review that because I am waking up tired more often than not)

This routine might possibly start to change a little in the coming weeks because I am supposed to be starting line dancing classes next Monday, so I’ll be out of the house by 6.45 till 8.00 pm probably I’ll make a dinner that I can prepare earlier and let them warm it up as needed.

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