NaBloPoMo- Feb Day one.. Feb 2nd… DIY or DIFM


Monday, February 2, 2015
Are you a DIY or a DIFM (do-it-for-me) person?

Thi is a touchy subject in my house.. I like to DIY I like to at least give things a try to I like to learn new things, BUT my husband commonly known here in my blog as “The Bloke” is a Quality Assurance Officer in the Automotive Industry and he is also an engineer.. this is the man who took a scrap piece f cardboard from the Art studio and turned it into a prototype “Fire pit” he came into me and said “look hun I made a fire pit” I laughed “its cardboard you goose” But that prototype went to his work with him and a few days later a flat packed metal fire pit made its way home… give him a sheet of cardboard he makes a fire pit.. nothing is too hard or too much trouble for my bloke. So… when I am in  the midst of a great Idea  I take it to my Bloke and ask him “Do you think this will work” he says “we’ll make it work!” sometimes he’ll take my idea and run and it’ll be better than even I expected and sometimes he’ll need to rework it and still give me credit but between the two of us nothing is impossible.

SO I am a DIFM in most cases…. Or if I am DIY’ing I have him hovering close by to make sure the Quality of my work is up to his standards!

Clear as mud right?!


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