Yay! I did some art!

I had forgotten all about my art, okay, well, not really I put it out of my mind because I am so busy I feel guilty for not doing it.. so I pretend it doesn’t exist, stupid really.

I even went as far as to delete my Facebook art page because it was making me feel bad and sad and lazy… who needs that stress? Then on Facebook I realized it was that time of the year again “29 faces” (February only has 28 days most years so being the shortest month its a good month to start a habit, last year I did the whole month) the idea is to draw, paint, sketch whatever you do.. a face a day.. it’s a little thing but it’s great for me to get back into the habit.. so I got out my pencil and I started. I didn’t realize how bad I was.. how not using it I was loosing it!

So I decided that since I am starting “afresh” why not experiment with different supplies and styles..

This one.. I did with Oil Pastels and pencil.. and gold glitter..it’s a copy of Klimt’s “Golden tears


Then I decided to go back to the Acrylic paints.. and come up with this Klimt “Adele” but in his painting Adele has her hair up..


Neither of these are my “usual” style if I even have one, but these pushed me out of my comfort zone and so I liked that!

I havent started day 3 or 4 yet I started late, by accident I saw another arty friend had started and realized “oops I missed the start” only by a day but now I am running on American time a day behind. ‘ll get those two done today after my Doctors appointment.

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