Happy Anniversary!

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    Now how did that happen? Four years? really.. wow..
    On the subject of Anniversaries… on the weekend I got to meet one of my pen pals. Janine and her Husband Aaron, they are from New Zealand and came to Australia (a short 3.5 hours flight) for their wedding anniversary which was yesterday 17th February. I was so lucky to get to spend the day with them on Saturday, we went on a double date for Valentine’s day!  Janine and I have been pen pals for about 2 or 3 years now, actually it’s more than that because I remember her writing when her daughter left home to go to University and that was 4 years ago.. so probably 5 years. I knew that by the sound of her husband that our Blokes would get on well and they did, and of course Janine and Aaron worked on the Bloke along with me to help him decided we are now going to New Zealand for a holiday… probably Easter 2016.
    We (Star Son and I)  were hoping for this year but we have the Big Lap Mark two in September till November this year and so we need to save some more money for the New Zealand trip. Janine and Aaron caught the train up to Sunbury, and we met them at the Station, brought them home to meet the family, since Janine hears so much about them and of course the photos all over Facebook, and then we did some “touristy” stuff, we went to “Living Legends” homestead, where the Melbourne cup retired horses live and we walked through the historic homestead and enjoyed the garden and the birds, which Janine tells me are all very similar to home, see she gets me.. when I go travelling, I love to look at the plants and the birds and the flowers and  wish we had those at home.
    Our Next stop was Lunch, we all agreed (another thing in common!) that we hate to “waste” money on food we would rather do “stuff” than eat at fancy places, so we went to the Sunbury Bowling Club which is one of our regular haunts, they have yummy affordable meals and we, well, three of us, had Chicken Parma, chips and salad, the Bloke ever the rebel had fish and chips and salad.
    After Lunch we visited “Rupertswood” the birth places of the Ashes (if you are into cricket you’ll understand what that means/ here’s a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupertswood
    It’s not far from our home.. and then we spent some great chatting time, talking up a storm, I was so glad the Blokes got on as well as they did it really helped for me to be able to convince the Bloke we need to go to NZ and we are now in the process of planning a trip, where to fly into and where to drive and visit. Janine and Aaron have very similar interests so walking, photography, culture and nature and all those kinds of things so they were able to suggest places we should see on a trip to NZ, besides visiting them of course!!
     IMG_0875  Earrings my Darling brought me for Valentine’s day to go with the string of pearls I got from my Mother-in-law
    My New Zealand Pal Janine and I before they left to return on the train to Melbourne

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