Book Review.. “Shiver”


I am having fun with this challenge.. and clearing out my over crowded bookshelves too…

just finished reading Nikki Gemell’s book “Shiver”


“I can catalogue Antarctica by touch. The touch of air sucked dry on my cheek, the fur of a day-old seal pup, the touch of an iceberg, a blizzard, a lover, the touch of sweat at minus twenty-three, of a camera stuck to the skin on my face, of cold like glass cutting into my skin, of a snowflake, of a dead man, of a doctor’s fingers on my inner thigh, of a tongue on my eye.”

Shiver is Nikki Gemmell’s first novel.
It is the story of Fin, a young woman who gets the chance of a lifetime to go to Antarctica.

Surrounded by the cruel beauty of the last great wilderness on earth, she finds herself transfixed by the power of the land.

Travelling and living with a close-knit and idiosyncratic team, Fin learns the rules and taboos of community life in Antarctica, and then promptly breaks the strictest taboo of all – she falls in love. The consequences are shattering.

Lyrical, haunting and sometimes painfully moving, Shiver is a first novel of great power and beauty


I’ve never read this author before and sometimes that makes me nervous, “what if I don’t like it?” “What if I don’t like her writing style?” I was at the Church book sale back in January and I mentioned to the little old lady at the front desk, “I am looking for “Australian Authors” because I am doing a “Australian Author challenge” and this complete stranger says to me “oh are you doing “Meet Mikes” book challenge? and I replied “yes I am” So she made it her challenge  to help me find Aussie authors and of course the church had set the sale up in alphabetical as well as subject order, so the little old lady pointed me into the right direction and my new friend went on her way and then suddenly she calls me from across the room and says “you really need to read this book it’s an Aussie author and the story’s not bad either” so why not I says.. it cost me all of $2.00 can’t complain about that!

Monday I picked it up and decided why not give it a read.. well, from almost the second page I was hooked.. it’s almost like a travel journal except it clearly says a “novel” not for one single moment do I desire to go to Antarctica it’s cold and wet and freezing cold and did I mention it’s cold.. highly allergic to cold I am!!

But for a sweet second or two I was there and living through “Fin’s eyes” and I wanted to go to Antarctica except not with the cold.. she’s researched it brilliantly, seriously I felt like she’d really been there!

I couldn’t put the book down so I read it in three days, well that seems like a long time but I babysit full-time so it was a matter of snatching a page here and thee in between baby play sessions and cleaning and cooking.

I am looking forward to reading her first book called “The Bride stripped bare” apparently she wrote it anonymously because she wasn’t sure how she would be received I probably should have read that first but oh well, it’s on my pile to be read!!

I loved this book I’m giving it 5 stars!


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