Green thumb Thursday..

Greenthumb Thursdays

Well I haven’t done one of these for a while, Shame on me.. there are a few of my challenges I’ve been missing out on but we will catch up eventually..

Today it’s hot we are almost at the end of summer and I’ve run out of home-grown cucumbers.. so we ate a shop brought one, but I was able to (finally) go out to the garden and pick some tiny Roma tomatoes and though they be small they are juicy and delicious!


The garden is starting to look the worse for wear, the cucumbers have been harvested and are dying off.. ready to be pulled out and dug over in preparation for the next crop.


Here’s how they looked and they tasted amazing, sweet and juicy, I think better than the shop brought ones and I will definitely grow them again.

The Zucchini failed. I think something ate them because they just disappeared.

The Carrots died off, I waited a day or two too long to plan them out.

The strawberries were small and juicy, the few we got, but they can keep growing for later.

The Purple capsicum has got a tiny purple capsicum

The basil did well and we were picking and using that in spaghetti sauces.

The Roma tomatoes were small bushes, I am not sure I didn’t keep the label that came with them maybe they were meant to be “mini” I’m not sure but the tomatoes off the bushes are small, pop them into your mouth whole small.. but they taste good, warm and like sunshine.

The Corn is still growing and the “ears” of corn are getting bigger, I can’t wait to try them but I don’t think I’ll bother planting them again, they are an ugly plant and too messy for my liking.

Broccoli- disappointment, I am totally not sure what I did wrong, if indeed I did anything but it never produced the large heads of broccoli like you see in the shops.. and then it went to seed and just looks horrible.

which leaves the sweet potato.. it’s got my stumped as to when to harvest that one, since it’s a ground covering plant, obviously (d’uh) the potato is under the ground but when does one know when to harvest it? Bizarre.

The Mint, has kind of died off which says something because everyone warned me that mint is like a weed it takes over the whole garden blah blah..

it’s been a fun experiment and I will try a few of them again..

I will try carrots again, we eat a lot of those, I will try cauliflowers and maybe less tomatoes but better quality of plants, remember I brought that punnet of 3/4’s dead tomatoes and nursed them back to health.. maybe I’ll buy only one or two next time.


Home grown basil!


2 thoughts on “Green thumb Thursday..

  1. I would call the experiment a success. You got cucumbers, tomatos, basil, strawberries. Wow! You also learned some things in the process. That spells success to me!

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