Book Review…. Mama Jude by Judy Steel




Book Review for “Mama Jude” by Judy Steel.

Mama Jude: An Australian nurse’s extraordinary other life in Africa

Despite plans to enjoy her retirement after working as a nurse for over three decades Judy Steel found herself in Uganda at the age of 58 providing medical aid to some of Africa’s most disadvantaged people.
Mama Jude: An Australian nurse's extraordinary other life in Afica

I really enjoyed this book, it shows because it only took three days to read it. Occasionally I’m like that. This was the type of book I really love part travel journal and part journal it always makes me feel like I am living someone else’s life for a little while. Also I have always wanted to go to Africa, one day I will get there, maybe I can be like “Mama Jude” and help others while I am there. This book got mixed reviews on “Good reads” some complained about the “Christian” side of it, I think that made it more enjoyable to me.Anyways I really loved her way of writing which was in fact taken from her daily journal writing and then made into a book, I hope some day that something I scribble in my journal will be exciting enough to be made into a book.

I am giving this one a 5 out of 5 stars! and this is book number 9 (??)  of my “Australian Author” challenge.

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