Plead the fifth!

“What question do you hate being asked?”

I really hate the question “What do you do for a living (or for work)?”

I hate it because when I answer the question as I do…. “I am a stay at home wife/mother” immediately their eyes glaze over and the conversation dries up, and then I have to sit around and listen to their conversations about their work and their families and all the while I “seemingly” have nothing worthwhile to share.

Recently I added another layer onto the title of “Stay at home wife/ mother and Grandmother” I’ve noticed on some fronts the conversation doesn’t dry up as quickly because supposedly I am doing this wonderful thing by staying home watching my beloved Grandson. What’s the difference between “Mother” and “Grand” Mother? I am still at home, but now I get paid, I am paid to stay at home. do I get paid a lot? It’s worth much more than you think. I get paid in love, I get paid in sloppy kisses and gentle pats on the face with sweet chubby hands, I get rewarded with giggles and beautiful smiles and moments that just melt your heart when he looks up at you studying your face and then he smiles at you and dimples dance across his cheek, when he falls and all he needs is a “Grandma cuddle” and he forgets what hurts. He still wont say “Grandma” but he’ll turn and point at me, he will reach for me and he will laugh at me, he knows who I am, he’s just playing hard to get.

I get paid when he learns something that I have shown him, like clapping his hands or waving Goodbye, or blowing you kisses. I get paid when He tries a new food that I’ve introduced and he likes it, I get paid when I have to wash his clothes before his Mum gets home because we have been having so much fun he’s grubby!

I do not get paid in money like having a “real job” I get paid in wisdom, knowing that this little boy has had a good start to life, he’s been breastfed, he’s been loved and raised within a loving family, with his “Flock” gathered around him, he’s been fed home cooking, and spoken to all the time to encourage him to speak, he’s been brought up exactly the way his Mother was brought up, and what makes it even better?

His Mother turned out to be a well rounded, well liked, professional young woman, so if the way she was raised is anything to go by, then raising him the same way can’t be a bad thing!

It was brought to my attention a few weeks back, when I was moaning to a long time friend about how I am judged about being a “Stay at home Mother and Wife” my wise friend told me, “Maybe you are exactly where God planned for you to be, maybe he didn’t want you to be a professional at anything except being a Mother and Grandmother” and somehow it made me feel better.

Maybe I am not supposed to be doing “anything” except what I am doing. All these years I’ve meditated and wondered and worried and studies and asked “what was I put here to do?” Well, maybe this is it…maybe I am already doing what I was meant to do and if thats the case then I am OK with that because what I do I am good at doing, I enjoy what I am doing, I like staying home and planning, and cooking and on odd days I enjoy cleaning, but what I really Love doing is being with my family and my Grand babies especially.

Many times I’ve broached the subject with my husband about going out and finding work, he even supported me while I trained as a teachers aide, then he equally supported me when I decided that I didn’t want to work at that job. He suggested that I find a hobby to do at home while the children are growing and be on hand for days when the kids were sick or had a day off school or whatever. The difference is I don’t “have to work” we own our home, we live frugally ( ha hates that word) I mean we do not have extravagant tastes we eat out occasionally, we go on monthly “date nights” we have our holiday place, we camp, we spend quality time together, so we don’t wear designer labels and eat fancy foods, we spend our money on  experiences rather than “stuff” I don’t need to “earn a wage” to have those things.

Someone once said that I should “get out of my arty farty dream world and get out in the real world and get a real job” well all I can say to her is “Jealousy is a curse” My “Real Job” as Squishy’s Grandma is so much more important that any other job with any other salary!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”


3 thoughts on “Plead the fifth!

  1. I always hated when i was asked this question, too. I finally figured out that it isn’t only that people are bored with the answer and move on in the conversation. I think a big part of it is that a lot of people are jealous that you are able to do something they can’t…stay home.

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