Art course.. first for 2015!

I have not done any art lately.. we ALL know why, I am busy being a Grandma and I have been that way since these little beings were born. I took one look at my “Sweetpea” and I was lost those first two hours I got to hold her the nurse hurriedly handed her to me and said “Here Grandma look after this!” and I’ve done that ever since, I take my job seriously. I would die for these babies! Then again two weeks later watching my daughter undergo surgery to delivery another one who gripped my heart, as soon as “Squishy” was born he had dimples and he started talking.. babbling away, I’d never seen anything like it and I had him for the first hour of his life again “Come on Grandma you bring him and let’s go” while my daughter was taken to recovery, I did not let my first-born Grandson from my sight, I slept by his side that night, I listened to every little sound. I would die for these babies I thought I was a fierce Mother but being a Grandma is even more forceful. So fast forward and it’s now almost 16 months and I have to be honest I miss my art! So this year I’ve done a few things to rectify the situation. An Art class in Woodend in January to “learn to draw faces”, this was one of the pieces I did. IMG_0840 After that we were so impressed with what we created I attended a “Life Drawing Class” no idea what to expect shocked silent when I saw what was expected, I did two classes and we let that Idea go…


Next and again right out of my comfort zone, I entered a competition to win a place in an “abstract” Art class with artist Malini Parker who was over from Western Australia for only two days. So I gave up my wedding anniversary with my husband and went instead to the art class when I won the spots! One for my cousin Lee and one for me..


This one I called “Scarlett’s Mermaid” because it was the only one on the day that something appeared to me.

So then you go and do classes and come home with this amazing art and you say to yourself (well at least I do) “Wow this is good! I’m happy with how this turned out!” and you have good intentions to do some more art because you remember how much you enjoyed it and how fast the time flies when you are lost in your art, your passion, nothing else matters but what you are doing now! But then of course I never do because well, I’m busy with babies!

I also did an art day with my cousin which I loved I learnt some new techniques and got lost for a few hours.

Recently my daughter has moved to a new store so that she now has Sunday and Mondays off as her “down days” which means I am not required those days and Wednesday afternoon she gets home just after lunch time.. so I have allotted those times as my “Art days” well except this week!

Then I discovered Lucy Chen, on google plus and then on Facebook and I saw she was offering a course to paint Johannes Vermeer’sGirl with a pearl earring” I love this painting, I love that artist!

I first discovered him in the movie with the title of the same name.. starring Scarlett Johansson, who I also love. After watching the movie, I brought it on DVD and then I began stalking  Johannes Vermeer,  finding everything I could about him, the universe must have been in line because I saw there was a display of his paintings at the NGV  ( National Gallery of Victoria) so The Bloke took me to see him, and I remember seeing one of his paintings I can’t recall which one now, but I just felt so emotional about it, a tear slipped down my cheek. They were not huge overwhelming paintings in fact they were quite small but oh so powerful! I loved everything about his paintings and if I ever had the money to buy one original painting it would be anything by Vermeer.

So as I watched Lucy talking bout her class and how she would teach us to paint our own “Girl with a Pearl Earring” immediately she had my attention and then I was worried “oh how much will this cost? I can’t afford it, I don’t have time” and then as quickly as I thought that (the old me) I quickly said “I’ll take the money out of my savings, I’ll get up extra early or stay up late I WANT to do this course!” so I clicked on the link “sign up now” and to my delight the course was only $39.00 and even I could afford that, the other bonus is that it is in oils, which is a medium I have never tried, so not only am I expanding my knowledge I’m painting a painting I adore.

So I am officially signed up for my first class of 2015… which is sad because I’ve normally got stuff on the go by now in previous years.

Here is a link to Lucy’s course because who knows you might like the sound of it and decide that you want to do the course also!


4 thoughts on “Art course.. first for 2015!

  1. Hi Kim, I’m so happy to have you join my course! There is a website called the Essential Vermeer, where they talk about the more technical things.

    I had a similar experience where my eyes welled up when I saw an original Van Gogh last October in San Diego. Can’t describe the feeling. Wish my art will one day have that emotional effect on people.

    When it comes to life drawing classes, I think we need to find the “right” one. I went to one last year, it was like yours, silent and boring! And the teacher, em… let’s just say I didn’t feel he respected me as a person. But I discovered another one in Feb, and it is the BEST! I experimented with different mediums for the first time, so apart from charcoal, we also used soft pastel and ink. And tried different ways to draw. The teacher, Paul Miller, a very very passionate artist and man (an Archibald finalist, Archibald is Australia’s most prestigeous art award), and he is like a kongfu master!

    Anyway, my comment is getting so long. I hope you’ll find a life drawing class that you like. It is the best drawing exercise!

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