Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

For me this is a no brainer… it’s the Desert!

I don’t know where my infatuation with the desert comes from but when we decided on our trip to do “The Big Lap” (what most Aussies fondly call their driving trip around Australia) the first thing to go on the “Must See” list for me was “the Desert and Uluru” I didn’t realize the desert started much closer to home than I knew, I mean I’d never been to Uluru or the Desert before so how would I know. No amount of looking on Google images can actually prepare you for the desert… you’ll either love it or hate it.. for me in was instant love.

True there’s nothing as far as the eye can see.. and sometimes even traffic was far and few between. But to be able to stand there and look in a perfect 360 degree turn and not see anything but red sand and stunted dead looking shrubs, and hear nothing its silent. The wind howled at one stop, a lonely wailing moan..but even that made my heart leap. I wanted to just stop right there and camp in the middle of no where.

When we did eventually camp in the Desert town of Coober Pedy, a huge wind storm blew up and we were coated head to foot in red dirt, the tent still has stains of red dirt, even that did not dispel my love of the desert, we took photos of us with sticking up red crusted hair and laughed a lot!


Coober Pedy opal in the raw!


Red Dirt as we entered the Northern Territory!

One day we did nothing but count dead cows, we got sick of counting them after about 36, so went back to looking for Emu.

I love the beach, it soothes my soul in a whole different way, I love the pattering of the waves lapping the beach.

I love the mountains and forests too, I mean whats not to love, blue skies and all that glorious green, I still think that God was an Artist because if We mere mortals tried to put those colours together they’d make mud.. but when HE did it.. he made perfection, I love the breeze in the trees and the way the old tired pine tree limbs creak and the occasional snap as a pine cone dislodges itself.. so really I love all these “natural” places but if I could choose only one.. it would definitely be the Desert.. maybe it’s to do with my introvert nature.

21 thoughts on “Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

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  2. beautiful post and I like the way your describe these places…. the lapping at the beach… glorious greens – etc.

    and in the art room when I used to teach – we used to refer to God as the Master Artist – 🙂 ❤ ❤

    • I wish I had been in YOUR art class.. I didn’t love art so much at school, I always seemed to get the dragon art teachers. My 13 yr old son used to love art and his dragon art teacher ruined it for him because he is left handed and never cut so neatly, she would always tell him ” do it again, better this time” and she dulled his sparkle. i won’t forgive her for that!

      • well you are correct – some of the crankiest teachers I have met have sometimes been art ones… and there are some good ones, but I have been places where moms have been perplexed about grading rubrics and like this one kid – who is highly skilled – got an 85 on this hand drawing – and you should have seen how great it was – well I told her a few things that might have been on the rubric – but it really was a joy robber for this boy – and I am all for grades and rubrics – but they are often not used effectively with some of the mass herding of children – of don’t get me started. anyhow, I taught public and private over the years – and my favorite lessons were the ones where I could incorporate faith = but was not forced to – where we could draw a light source and then if I wanted to I could have the freedom to note how we are the light of the world….
        and regarding the lady that dulled his sparkle – well this is just my counselor hat coming on – but remember that God knew every single teacher he would have and that encounter is just a key part of his shaping and his maturity. I know we want to protect them from scars – wait – make that it is our job to protect and shield them – but we also must remember how resilient we can be – and also sometimes it is only through pain or certain experiences that we learn to feel – and it is only thru some harsh adults where kids can later take what they learn and then treat kids better when they are an adult – while they learn empathy in the meantime.
        and so know this – that God will never ever give you or your son more than you can handle – and also know that if he wanted your son with a teacher that developed the sparkly that would have happened to. but it helps to forgive when we know – and remember – that his hand is all over every single detail of our lives. front he number of hairs on our head – to our developing personalities – to the bumps we encounter socially. and we also thrive and get healed thru Christ – it is in and thru him that we become what he has destined for our lives…. and so what helps me to extent grace to teachers like that – well it is to remember that they are hurt and likely angry – and not good at what they do (and hurt people are mean people – anyhow, but it helps me to love them – and it can also be a teaching lesson as maybe you and your son begin to pray for her – because the truth is that she needs it. and it does not mean we bury or ignore the infraction against him, but we can use it as part of the many lessons on how to cope and adapt – and how these things can shape us. I am sure you know this too – but as cs lewis said, we need to be reminded of things as much as we need to learn new stuff – so it helps to remembering – 🙂 ❤

      • Yvette once again you got me to see another side of a situation thank you!
        I work with him often to keep his love of art Alice currently we are working together on a painting of a pug for his Grandmother and he says ‘that was fun’ so maybe it’s also helping me by teaching him to love something I love l am re igniting my passion for art. God is good all the time!! My lent study l am doing is amazing for Ah ha! Moments, this whole journey had been an eye opener!

      • well you touched upon something in your comment – about how we see another side to things – which is why we need fellowship – because when done right – it can keep us stronger and healthier – I say when it is done right because I think to often Christians today see the “gathering together” as only sunday morning or at a night at the church – and then they are missing out because it is only meeting a few needs – or worse – it is pulling from needs and leaving them wanting. But fellowship and the gathering for edification happens every where as God leads – and so here tonight I had the chance to scroll the reader right when your nice post came up – so we could share ❤ ❤
        and then tomorrow he will have us both encountering different folks – and maybe again we will encounter a sister in the Lord and exchange a bit.. we just have to stay pen. and like your study mentions the aha moments – well a study we did with a group on 2002 was all about god appointments – and to always remember that delays, detours, and even setbacks are never out of God's hands and he will also work things for good form them (good ol romans 8:28) but also sometimes it was allowed because it is the blessing – it is the actual thing we needed for sculpting or to be about our Father's business…..

        and I hope the painting comes out – I also have some misc. art sheets I can email you later this month… 🙂
        what grade is he in again?

      • oh wow – how fast they grow…. and be sure to check out Mona Brooks Drawing for older kids. one of the best resources around for art – for kids and adults – and many of the exercises just help brain development and will enrich his person. 🙂

      • That was a new book, the trouble is it has to come from the UK, I guess thats why the expense. i’m not getting it just yet anyways, so Im happy to wait and see what you recommend.

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