Book Review…Walk About by Aaron Fletcher


Walkabout (Outback Sagas)

Although mine has a different cover, none the less…

Taken from the Blurb at

Wrested from the primordial Australian wilderness, Tibooburra Station has taken the blood, sweat, and tears of generations of Kerricks and given them a magnificent heritage in return. But now the golden legacy of the outback station is threatened by the disappearance of the young boy who will one day inherit it all. Fleeing the pain of being abandoned by his mother, eight-year-old Jeremy Kerrick wanders the rough-and-ready gold towns of the frontier and comes to manhood among the primitive Aborigines of the vast, unexplored interior. At one with the land, he draws from it an indomitable strength that enables him to win the woman of his dreams. Together, they will meet the challenge of the outback or die trying.”

So first of all let me confess i love these multi generational books… because I like the idea of family and owned land, so I was probably always going to like this book. One other reviewer said ( and I only just read that when I finished reading the book) that she got a bit disinterested (read bored) in the second part and I did also.. they changed the focus of the story onto another family member who was less than thrilling, it all weaves back into each other later on and I’m glad I kept reading.. The other bit of this book I liked was the time frame, I like history and I especially love reading about how in the 1800’s they had to make do with what they had and they survived, I feel like I want to tell my children “You don’t even know how good you’ve got it!” And of course the location, a lot of places mentioned in the book The Bloke and I have been even camping on the banks of the same river.. last November we spent a week on the banks of the Darling River, which features a lot in this book. So I like to be able to say “we’ve been there!” because it’s not a common place where most people would choose to go, which is why we went! Over all I’m giving this book a 4 stars out of 5… I didn’t love the middle bit so that stops it being a 5, but the characters were great. this was my 11th Australian book for the challenge.



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