The Worlds Greatest Shave…. I went bald!

In Australia (I’m not sure if the rest of the world do this??) on the weekend of  March 12-15th we have a huge fundraiser to raise money for the Leukemia foundation, it’s called “The worlds Greatest Shave” it’s been on my bucket list for years to shave my head and I have ticked it off in December 2012 for no reason other than I could. Oh the uproar I faced, my daughters hated the new look and didn’t want to be seen with me, because as we soon discovered, when you lose your hair you also lose your identity. I shaved my head because I could but how many other people particularly women are facing illness where they unwillingly loose their hair and sometimes even their eyebrows and if I got that reaction how much those poor women feel when they are sick and get treated like that. And a lot of people were horrified that I shaved off my hair because I could.. sheesh people.. it’s HAIR it grows back!

Back track a little bit I have been guilty of not making eye contact with a women with no hair because “she’s sick and doesn’t want people to be staring at her” how wrong I was, I should have smiled at her and said Hello to her and maybe made her day! I have since asked forgiveness for my attitude to all the women I didn’t look at because I was embarrassed or didn’t want to be thought of as staring at her.

When I shaved my hair a girl was serving me at a supermarket chatting away until she looked up and saw my naked head and then she started faltering and conversation drew to a halt and eye contact was not made again… in short I became invisible.

When I signed up to do “The Worlds Greatest shave”  I could NOT wait to shave my head I wanted to do it on the Friday as soon as I could, but I had my Nieces wedding on the Saturday and I didn’t think it was fair to her to rock up with a bald head! So patiently I waited. On the Saturday morning my cousin Lee (Part of our team called “Camp Quality” because we all like to camp and my husband and a work colleague who had been diagnosed with Leukemia not long before, work in the Quality Assurance department of their respective companies so my Husband signed up to shave in support of his work colleague) Lee got things rolling 9.00am on the Saturday morning, her hairdresser donated the fees towards our cause and we video’ed and took photos and tagged the hairdressing salon, it was good fun and I so desperately wanted to get mine done there and then! I love the feeling of no hair, no shampoo, no fussing in the mornings.

Lee works in a school and so had to get permission from her School principal to shave her hair off, and was only allowed to go a certain length. Rob and I had no such restrictions.

I told Lee who I felt last tie when I had my head shaved, how I became invisible and I would be interested to see if she had any similar experiences. Even though it as the weekend of “The worlds greatest shave” highly publicized and in your face, I guess most people become oblivious to it. She said within the first half an hour she felt Invisible and how people would drop their gaze and mumble at her. So it wasn’t just me.

Sunday morning dawn and I brushed my hair for the last time, I put the comb away I won’t be needing that for months! The Bloke and Star Son had a football training session so I stayed home and Lee arrived at 9.30 am to shave my hair.. I loved it every little piece of it… Goodbye left over blonde dyed hair that has taken over 12 months to grow out… good-bye tangles and “bad hair” days, good-bye shampoo, conditioner and hiding on the 3rd day because I needed to shampoo again!

It took about 10 minutes and it was all gone.. and I do not miss it a bit.. The comments have been wide-ranging, so many people are saying “Oh you are so brave” to which Lee replied, “we are not as brave as the people who are going through the fight with Leukemia” I agreed with that and took that as my come back reply. Other people have said “you’re a better woman than me, I could never do that!” well maybe so but people IT’S HAIR!! it grows back! 

So then The Bloke and Star Son got home, Lee had to leave for a previous engagement so The Bloke nominated Star Son to do his hair, he figured it was all coming off so what damage could he do! The first few cuts Star Son was nervous and concentrating so hard, he decided to give Dad a “Mohawk” which we all agreed looked good, then he started enjoying it and pipes up with “This is cool! I’m going to be a hairdresser!” he thinks he might become a barber!

When you sign up for “The Worlds Greatest Shave” they ask you to nominate an amount to raise, we all went for $560 not sure why that Odd amount was one that most went for, then as a team we were asked to raise $1,200. I am very pleased to announce as of right now we are on … drum roll…. $1,563.00. We can keep collecting until June. So I am going to share the link with you and if any of you are so inclined to donate to this worthy cause, please help us. You can pay by paypal which I love it’s so quick and easy!

4 thoughts on “The Worlds Greatest Shave…. I went bald!

  1. For those donating from outside of Australia and using PayPal, you put in the amount you want to donate in Australian Dollars then when you get to PayPal, it will tell you how much in your local currency. If you get it wrong, you can’t go back, you have to cancel and start over. So it’s best to go online and do the conversion before you log on to the donations page. It took me several tries and I still got it wrong! I ended up donating less than what I wanted to.

      • You’re very welcome! I didn’t know I could use PayPal until you said so in the post. I knew my bank charges a considerable flat fee to convert so I didn’t want to use my bank card. Had I known about PayPal, I would have used it a long time ago!

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