A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme

Ohh yay! Cant wait to read them!

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

I guess I’m supposed to have some kind of graphic here but I haven’t downloaded it and after the weekend I had, I am not going to bother. I’m just going to get this up so I can go about my business.

For April, I will be joining the A to Z Blogging Challenge during which Mondays thru Saturdays will have a post beginning with a specified letter of the alphabet. Some people pick a theme. So about two months ago, when I signed up for the challenge, I began to think about a Road Trip theme. I came up with the title and subject for each post, except the letter X. However, the road trips I was thinking of were numerous and involved different people and went off to different places, including repeat destinations. I decided it would be too confusing because the A story might be about a…

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