A-Z theme challenge reveal…. drum roll….


What is it?

You can find out more http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/what-is-blogging-from-to-z.html

Today is reveal day.. What will your theme be? I’ve been thinking about it and who knows what I will write on any given day, sometimes nothing except babies happens, so how would one get a “themed” post out of that?

So I’m leaving my theme loose, I’m taking the easy way out and my theme is “Family life” because I can then use things like “A” – “Amber” and tell you about my daughter Amber, and “C” could be about Chase, Charlie and Carl…. “S” of course would be my Sweetpea… You get the idea, “F” could be about Friendships and then you’ll learn about my Bestie “Deanne” although not officially family we have been like sisters for 27 years, I class that as family!

So check back while I attempt to get back in to my regular blogging mode and blog every day except Sundays! (I will blog just I’ll go back to Spiritual Sundays) who knows what you’ll learn about “Family life”


10 thoughts on “A-Z theme challenge reveal…. drum roll….

  1. Hi Kim…writing about Family is one of the most important groups of people you could choose. As a Family Historian and Genealogist I find that even the everyday life events are ones that make good stories and although they may not seem so now…they will be in the years to come. I hope you enjoy the Challenge.

    I am visiting from the AtoZ Theme Reveal Blog Hop.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
    AtoZ 2015 Challenge
    AJ’s wHooligans

    • hi Sue, thanks for visiting.. I totally agree with you and I am an avid journaller.. I’ve been scribbling their daily life happenings in various journals for the
      past 17 years that’s what they know me for my journalling.

    • Hi Anna,
      I engaged my Bloke last night and we came up with a few ideas, kinda stuck on U and Y but other wise I have a “loose” idea of topics I’ll use, its going to be fun, but also trying as some of the time (Easter weekend) we will be away camping! Looking forward to checking in with you as well!

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