Sunday Fun Day—- Melbourne Star

Last week Star Son who is 13 and (hormonal) touchy!! was having a W-Hine (his initials) and he was complaining about how boring our family is “We never do anything together” whines he.. “we never go out as a family and do fun stuff” whines he!

I have a short fuse when it comes to whining simply because there are so many people in the world with bigger worries than HIS and he is so wrapped in his whine fest that there is no reasoning but still I try so I asked (stupidly)

Really Will? what do you call fun? what “fun” things would YOU like us to do?”

Really Will? where do all these other families go for “fun?” and here it comes….

“Well” he replies “Some families take their kids to fun places” and again I asked

“Define “fun places” I mean we have to be clear on this right?!

Some parents (he was heavy on the “Some”) take their kids to places like Bounce and Fun fields” (Bounce is a place where you go on giant trampolines the whole place is full of trampolines… now if you’ve never seen a photo of me you’ll be forgiven for not noticing but um… I have BIG BOOBS, it’s my pet peeve, I dislike them, (in fact yes My number 2 daughter I’ll gladly give them to you, I would love to have smaller boobs!) So “Bounce” and Me..well that’s never gonna happen! “Fun Fields” is an amusement park, over the other side of Melbourne and that’s a possibility but some warning would be nice)

So we talked back and forth and I was very quietly taking deep breaths over in the kitchen behind his back, because I so wanted to JUMP IN and defend us “the Parents” back when Mr Whiney Pants was a baby we used to go out on “Sunday Funday” every week. We used to pack a picnic lunch and cold drinks and off we’d go all seven of us, it was not negotiable it was a “thing” that we did and  people even envied us out “family funday” Some days we’d go to a beach, collect shells, build sand castles and frisbee throw and skip stones and eat sandwiches with sand in them, we’d all come home slightly sun burnt (I’m sorry children for not being more strict about the sunscreen) and then most of us would sleep all the way home in the car and over dinner that night we’d talk about our best part of the day. Sometimes we went to the country and had ice-creams and found creeks to wade in and spot fish and skip more stones and even fish! Some times we’d go to the local park and just mess around, some of my favourite photos are of the children buried in Autumnal leaves and climbing trees at “Queen’s park” in Moonee Ponds but it was always “Sunday Funday”, We also used to let them have turns voting about where we should go or what we should see or do. Slowly children began to mature and when you are a teenager it’s NOT cool to hang around with your parents, so one by one the older children got a life and stopped coming and so eventually we stopped going… until NOW… beware the “Sunday Funday” has been revisited!

After Mr Whiney Pants left the room I looked at my Bloke and said “I really miss those Sundays when we used to do stuff together, Why don’t we do Sunday’s chores on Saturday and re-instate Sunday Funday?” So we talked about where we could go and what we could see and I suggested that Bounce be a special thing that he could bring a friend thus meaning I didn’t have to Bounce with him! so for the moment that’s out. So the Bloke aid “Leave it with me” which also kind of makes me nervous because he’s been known to choose some pretty random places to go….

Saturday we did the “Sunday Chores” the weekly shopping, visiting Mother-in-law and getting a few chores done.

Sunday we had our final football training (on a Sunday anyways, now they are Tuesday and Thursday nights) and came home, the Bloke suggested that Mr Whiney Pants go get changed we were going out..I didn’t bother asking Where because I like surprises but then he tells me “We are going to Melbourne Star'” ok, not so fun!

The Melbourne Star (previously Southern Star) is a giant Ferris wheel in the Waterfront City precinct in the Docklands area of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria,Australia.

Described by its operators as “the Southern Hemisphere’s only giant observation wheel”,[9] it is 120 m (394 ft) tall and has seven spokes, reflecting the seven-pointed star of the Australian flag.[10]

It opened two years behind schedule in December 2008, but closed 40 days later due to structural defects, and was subsequently dismantled for major repairs. The wheel itself was scrapped and replaced, but the original support structure and passenger cabins were retained. It was originally thought that reconstruction might be completed in late 2010, but repeated delays meant it did not reopen until 23 December 2013.

A ride (one complete rotation) takes 30 minutes and, according to the Star’s website, provides uninterrupted 360-degree views of up to 40 kilometres (25 mi) “encompassing the Docklands precinct, Melbourne’s CBD, Port Phillip Bay and as far as Mount Macedon, Arthur’s Seat and the Dandenong Ranges.”

Did I mention I really don’t like high places…. hmmm… But in the spirit of the thing I shut up and held on tightly…

It moves really slowly so you don’t actually feel t until the top carriage stops at the top and then starts that was a bit nervy for me.. My Bloke thanked me for going on it because he knows how scary I felt without me having to say a word. Ahh the things we do for our kids so that we are NOT boring and un-fun!

Once the Wheel stopped moving you go through the gift shop and see the photos they took of you, they were good but we did not spend the $35.00 for them.

Next stop was lunch, we decided to forego the restaurants and get takeaway and sit by the river. Since it was a beautiful day we wanted to make the most of it.

After lunch we walked along the Dockland Quay area it was almost empty very surprising on a beautiful Autumn day. We looked over into the water and saw about a gazillion jelly fish, I have never seen them there before maybe its jelly fish spawning time I don’t know but we watched them for ages, it was like watching a finely choreographed ballet.. awesome really! It’s the little things like that, the things Mother Nature presents to us that are the ones that leave the memories.

On the way back to the car we stopped at the ice cream shop and brought a treat, The Bloke had his usual Vanilla Bean Icecream, Star Son had Dark and Rich chocolate it was sooooo good! And I had Limenello Gelato… yum!!

So our first “Sunday Funday Mark2” was a success and we are all looking forward to doing it again soon, maybe next time we’ll add some more “family” now that the Girls are Mothers maybe they’d like to re-join “Sunday Funday


Sorry the photo is not the best quality but there were gazillions in the cast of the “Jelly Fish Ballet” troupe.


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