Another birthday done and dusted!

Last night we celebrated daughter number twos birthday, it wasn’t a “special” number birthday so normally I would have just cooked a family dinner or we would have a take away dinner and birthday cake and presents. But this year she decided to spend the night with her friends, so the “family” gate crashed her dinner plans!

On Monday night her actual birthday I brought a bunch f donuts, cinnamon, sugar and jam and I stacked them all up sandwiched with cream and poured chocolate frosting over the top.. OK, in my head it looked better but hey it tasted great! A few of her Facebook friends have request “donut cakes”

We booked a table of fifteen at our local favourite restaurant, “The Station family bistro” her birthday was actually Monday the 23rd but they were not open Mondays so we did Tuesday instead. The birthday girl brought herself a cake, a beautiful vanilla sponge cake with strawberry cream and fresh strawberries, it was so delish! The other best bit was Tuesday is “Parma night” at The Station… So for me there was no other choice.. I chose the “Hawaiian Parma” any parma is a good parma and that was good too.

It was a busy few hours because we had our first night at football training, so that was 5:30pm till 6:30pm for Star Son, which means I did the speedy walk down there and stood around in the cold, the Bloke arrived at about 5:45pm so he drove me and “Sweetpea” home, I had time to feed the animals and get dressed before the boys got back, then I had to dress “Squishy” and organise “Star Son” getting dressed and be at the school by 6:42pm for Parent Teacher interviews… “Birthday Girl” and “Sweetpea” got picked up by a friend they had to be there early to collect the birthday cake and meet the guest. Truely it was flat-out! We are never that busy! Daughter number one doesn’t get home to collect Squishy much before 6:45pm, so I told her we would just meet her there, save one of us rushing around. Parent Teacher interviews went well, although I’m sure “Star Son’s” teacher was glad to see the back of us when “Squishy” grabbed his new laptop screen, even I gasped at the vision of it flying off the table onto the floor.

Anyways, we all had a lovely night and I enjoyed a rare night off cooking, and in future maybe I’ll gate crash a few more of the children’s night outs! They have them a lot more frequently than we do.


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