Something VERY strange this way comes….

It’s a very rare and unusual occurrence when we get a night off from “any” of the children or Grandbabies, daughter # 2 lives with us and her daughter is my “Sweetpea” so I’m always with her, and of course Star Son being only 13 of course lives at home. So occasionally we have an odd night off where we will go out and do “grown up” stuff.. whatever that is.. the last night off we had, was 3rd of January when we attended a wedding for my nephew and stayed overnight in Melbourne.

So this weekend we had planned to go to our “home away from home” it’ll probably be our last full weekend now until the end of the year since on 19th April Football season 2015 officially begins and then no one goes anywhere except to football training and football matches.. So this was to be our weekend…. then things started changing…

Firstly, Star son got invited to a last-minute party, which means a Sleepover tonight, and all day tomorrow at Luna Park, a fun park in Melbourne suburb of St.Kilda. The other parents would pick him up tonight at 6.15pm and bring him home tomorrow at 5.30 pm. So the Bloke said “yes” and I said “NOOOOOOOOOO.. what about our weekend at “Bel far Niente“???” then my very wise husband had a plan…

Star Son will spend the night with daughter #2 tomorrow night which means.. a very rare occurrence.. we get TWO WHOLE NIGHTS KID FREE!! Sorry for the caps lock.. not really.. I am THAT excited! This was planned on Wednesday so every time the phone rings I expect to hear something like deals off plans cancelled or whatever. Now it’s only a matter of hours away I can begin to feel a little excited!

So let me tell you about “Bel Far Niente” (means Beautiful doing nothing) when I named our place that I did so with the understanding that it meant “The Art of doing nothing” which is how it was explained in the book called “Eat, Pray, Love” So I chose that because when we go there, that’s exactly what we do nothing and art and read books and just unwind! So as I am writing to my penpal who is in Italy I explained about the name and why I chose it and she wrote back to me and explained it’s wrong.. it means “beautiful doing nothingOK, that suited me too, because everyone knows that when Mum goes to “Bel Far Niente” that’s what she does NOTHING! Most of the time The Bloke even cooks, this is my getaway place, I catch up on my penpal mail, I get serious reading done and sometimes I even get ART done, all the while I’ve usually got at least one child with me… except this weekend!

Bel Far Niente” is an Onsite Caravan with a hard annex (to my American Pals it’s a trailer with an extra room) it’s on site and we pay a yearly fee to leave it there, so it’s set up whenever we have time to go down, we take the basics and within ten minutes of being there and setting up (turning on the power, opening the windows and unloading the car) we are already starting to relax in the serenity that is St.Leonards.

St. Leonards Victoria.

Taken from Google images…The Pier with the ice-cream kiosk and just to your right outside of the photo its a children’s playground and the local shops.

From Wikipedia.. 

St Leonards is a coastal township near Geelong, Victoria, Australia, at the eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsula and the northern end of Swan Bay. Situated 33 kilometres (21 mi) east of Geelong, St Leonards was a filming location for the Australian television series SeaChange.

The town is surrounded by salt marsh wildlife reserves which provide habitat for hundreds of birds, including the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot of which there are less than 200 in the wild. Salt marshes are one of the most biologically productive habitats on the planet, rivalling tropical rainforests. The official motto for St Leonards is “Where everyday is Sunday”

This sleepy little town has the basics, a supermarket, bakery, post office/newsagent, cafe, real estate agents, hardware store, chemist, hippy shop, fish n chip shop, pizza shop and the mandatory pub! which serves nice meals, has rooms to rent and sometimes a band on Saturday nights.

So there’s not a whole lot to do, it’s beach side, there’s a boat ramp and the caravan park, as well as two seasonally opened foreshore camp grounds. I especially love it down there in winter because NO ONE is around… I remember one winter school holidays my cousin Lee and her daughter and Star Son and I were the only ones in the whole caravan park.. and we loved it. There’s something about walking along the beach in winter with the wind ripping your head off your shoulders,it kind of gets rid of all the cobwebs..

My Cousin Lee and her partner Craig have an onsite van directly behind us we are neighbours and its great we wander between the two vans when the men are not there, they go home during the week for work and we spend time there, eating junk food and painting or crocheting or just watching mindless TV.. there are limited TV channels, sketchy internet access and radio comes and goes. It’s usually warmer down there than it is at home despite the fact we are by the beach, The Bloke explains it’s because it’s ‘the bay” so it’s protected.. we don’t get huge surfable waves at our beach but there’s good snorkeling under the pier, once we swam with a “banjo ray” that was scary for me, not so for the Bloke who knew what it was.

The local Pub! (google images)

The Main street (Google images)

The Bakery in St.Leonards makes the best Vienna loaf bread, and even when I say “I’m doing detox and can’t eat bread” the smell that wafts from that bread just screams “Eat me” and inevitably I do!

So this weekend I have a “Get out of jail ” free ticket.. no kids! oh the joys, to have my Bloke from Friday night till Sunday afternoon all to myself..maybe I’ll get a whole sentence finished.. if we have anything to talk about at all… Maybe I’ll finally get to go to the local Cidery that’s just opened, we went there one day and Star Son was not ‘in to it” and so we didn’t even stop the car and go in.. maybe this weekend.. or maybe we will go to the new Olive grove that’s opened and they sell oils and other “olive” made products. Maybe my Bloke will take me for brunch at some fancy little cafe… and then again maybe we will just do as we always do.. sit, read, do art, write letters and soak up the serenity.. either way, NO CHILDREN!

Anyways I’d best go pack, all the assorted Art supplies, all the penpalling paraphernalia and a few books!

I can hardly believe my luck!!


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