Its Monday.. children free day..

So I did Art.. what else is there? the house work I can do around babies, but then have you ever noticed that cleaning house with two almost 16 month old toddlers in the house is like trying to catch water with a sieve!

No sooner are you done than they are behind you messing it, so we have developed a new thing.. we clean the house first thing in the morning and then do a “frantic five minutes” about now (5:30-5:45 pm) before The Bloke gets home and it can usually still be looking good when he walks in the door.

So today I decided that I loved the Pug (Pugaliscious) that I painted for my Mother-in-law so much I wanted one for myself. So I painted another one today! I had a feeling the second one would be better and I think it is but the background is different, anyways I’m awaiting my Bloke to come home and let me know what he thinks, he’s framed “pugaliscious” so number two is called “pugs ‘n’ kisses” I can always re frame it which ever he decides he likes best will be the one my Mother-in-law will get, and the other one will be framed and we will keep that one.

So I got that finished and then decided that while I was on a roll I’d do the next step of my “Girl with the Pearl Earring” last night I transferred her to the board I was using, but I am brand new to oils so I’ve been putting off the “painting” bit.. today i pulled up my “Big Girl panties” and just did it!


Surprisingly it was easier than I expected it to be. I just had to paint over the drawing to “fix the drawing” there is another step and I have to wait for this bit to dry, so I’ll be back!

I am loving being back in my arty mode!! Oh my Art how I’ve missed you xoxo

PS: Tonal layer is now done..


Tomorrow we start adding thr tonal layers.. its not too late to join us visit Lucy for more


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